Winter Wonderland

An image snapped out front of my house as the storm began

I have been taking a long winter’s nap for the holiday, well-deserved or otherwise in our freshly-minted winter wonderland. You know it’s a slow news week, when every major network descends upon Syracuse to take pictures of the snow; it’s rather like watching rabbits eat carrots in unanointed amazement…

Syracuse snowed in; you can see that the locals take this in stride – image via Syracuse post standard.

I live near Syracuse in upstate NY, and quite frankly this was a rather lack-luster event; but maybe they were unable to show up for events of 2010, when even jaded locals raised eye-brows (and shovels) to unprecedented snow fall with particular emphasis on the Oswego area…

…yes, that was a road. One of many good reasons not to live in Oswego….

So what is a snow-bound design aficionado to do?

candle display from my Christmas table

Style candle displays on mirrors while sipping cocoa? Well, maybe…

Admire my prized and most unexpected and stylish gift from my husband and kids….I am considering building it a shrine; it’s so gorgeous!!!

But after much genuflecting over the Pantone honeysuckle mixer it’s time to prepare for a new year in color, color trends, and design!

To do some research and get inspiration, I will be heading out of the snow for a jaunt to Manhattan to re-charge at the MoMA for their Inventing Abstraction event, and whatever else I can cram into a day-trip.

I’ll be back in the new year, with what’s new in style, color and design to share ways to make it all work in your home – see you next year!