White Rooms – A White Christmas Limited Palette

An up-cycled shabby chic Christmas from Country Living Magazine

White spaces make everyone dream of a white Christmas. If you have a family, and are looking at this with nose pressed against the barrier between family and white, read my article about how to pull together a white regret-free family space, before reading on. This will give you some ideas and a relationship to this holiday inspiration.

White space from abodeloveblog

The space above sets the savvy designer apart by their keen ability to draw on shapes and limited color to establish flow and unity, creating a deceptively blank canvas defined by strong vertical lines. The branches and birch logs conjure a wintery mental image, even devoid of holiday decor – less is more!

What is a limited palette? Neutrality is the brush with which about 80% of people in the US paint their lives. Even an illuminating white space is not necessarily colorless – it is just disciplined color.

Many painters use a limited palette. There are some painters who feel strongly that talent as a colorist is defined exclusively by measure of the result that is achieved with the least amount of color. I can think of few absolutes to which I subscribe – I am just not that haughty. But a limited palette is a great solution for people who are not comfortable with color, vs. people who love but are scared of it. These are usually people with very full and stressful schedules who just need a base of calm at day’s end.

Here is a very good example of a limited palette used by George Bellows. image from the Life Needs Ar Blog

This is a great example, that dissects the palettes of one artist who uses a limited color. Contemporary artists known for this include George Bellows, Lucian Freud, and Odd Nerdrum – better known classical painters dedicated to scrutinized color use include Rembrandt, Da Vinci and Titian to name just a few.

A work of art created by using a limited palette that you may be familiar with :-)

Translated to holidays, the limited palette is the white room’s perfect indulgence. Design tension is added imperceptibly choosing a limited palette (colors that can be mixed by blending 3 colors; usually 2 warm and 1 cool) a room can become a holiday work of art! If you are a real purist, you can go with wood tones, silver and gold, or silver gold and the greens derived from a pine tree and garlands.

Silver and gold glam-up any white space – dark drapes provide gravity – image from liveyourstyle blog