Trends for 2012 – Neon

Clockwise from top left: Hot Pink Thonet Chair, Robinson Wall Clock, Kontextür Neon + Squared Shower Ring, Tom Binns Dot Dash Earrings, Seletti Versailles Fluo I*Mug, Fluoro Sync & Charge Cables, Innit Acapulco Chair, Sagaform Mirror Tealight Holders , Marks Silicone 2012 Diary, VÄNNERNA DRAGKEDJA Duvet Set, La Tete au Cube Fluo Salt & Pepper, Eva Solo Ice Tea Maker – image montage from Design Milk

Put your sun glasses on for this trend alert – contrary to popular belief Neon is not really a bilious ’80’s fad that Pantone revived with color CPR au contraire – neon has far more noble roots than the tragic ’80’s (no pun intended….)

nouvea neon

Ne neon sign from Wikipedia

Neon (from the Greek νέον (neon) meaning ‘new one’) is a colorless inert noble gas. Very common within the universe, but rare upon the Earth. It is, however, commercially extracted from air, where it is found in trace amounts, for use in neon lamps and advertising. Under standard conditions it gives out a distinct reddish-orange glow.

Yes, designers – this is design science universe ju-ju.

So with all that grandeur (and visual over-stimulation) going on, how do you tastefully incorporate this into a design that doesn’t scream, DAYCARE!

By blending restraint with that age-old aphorism – opposites attract. Mixing a classic design or a very natural element with an unexpected whollop of neon, results in something that is at once playful and sophisticated – really! And the undecorate movement was made for neon accents, which are at once irreverent and minimal decorating statements – like this classic hounds-tooth in neon brights.

Neon Retro Pop Houndstooth Pillow – surfacesigner

Table stories just got allot brighter…

Wooden Mini Bowl Set of Two, Neon – Araya Etsy

Wooden Salad Bowl, 7 in Set if 2, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow – Araya Etsy

almost anything knit-bombed says undecorate.

Neon pink tea cozy – HappyHolland Etsy store

Even an unexpected piece of furniture –

neon chest of drawers – Houzz

creates the perfect showcase for Kartell tube top lamps.

Kartell’s Tube Top Lamp from 2Modern

I am still stuck on poly-geo design, which I think is stunning with tube top lamps…

ornaments from Etsy

A neon glow in the dark pig bank makes a fun accent in a shelving display, shining with your playful sense of atyle when the lights are dimmed for good movie and a neon bowl of pop corn after a hard day of blogging…

Areaware Glow In The Dark pig – from

Trends are if nothing else, a great excuse to fill your universe with something new and unexpected!