Time and Color

Paint Swatches from 1807 – stylecourtblogspot

Timeless Color and design fascinate me. In yesterday’s post I shared an image (left) I found of paint swatches from 1807 that could easily pose as Pantones Color predictions for 2013.  It piqued my curiosity about what other 2012 – 2013 color palettes and designs might find their roots in the early nineteenth century…

The answers both surprised me, and confirmed my continual assertion that nothing in color and design trends is ever really new….

In 1815 John Doulton founded his world-famous pottery business. To commemorate that heritage as they approach their 100th year, Royal Doulton re-created their 1815 pattern (up top) – seem familiar? Dipped furnishings and accents apparently owe their inspiration to the early 1800’s.

dipped entry table via 2012 – image from MissMoss blog

And dipping is not alone in its connection to a forgotten era.

While toile is a pattern created in the 17th century, this 1800’s colorway (below) bares a striking similarity to the casual Pantone hues predicted as trends for 2013. Toile is a pattern alive and well for 2013 and beyond.

Antique French Toile and today’s toile sneakers – antque toile image via typepad

Geometric beads are trendy fashion accessories in 2012 into 2013 – but geometric jewelry is not Bohemian – it’s Victorian!

Antique Czech Beads from the early 1800’s (top) Pastel Geometric Mix Wood Beads,Hand Painted wood Beads – LikeBeads8 Etsy Store (bottom)

Geometry in jewelry is dwarfed in popularity by the Geometric trend in housewares; but softlines too, echo the influence of the early 19th century.

(Top) Bedding vis thedesigntabloid, (Below) Ruthie Stubbs, American, 19th Century, Charm Quilt, circa 1880. Hand-pieced and quilted cotton, chintz – image from Pinterst

Geometry is more simply reimagined in 2012-13 but owes its practical roots in early America, when it was comprised of fabric scraps to the waste-not spirit of its era.

Geometric Pillow Covers from NeonVintageDesign

This ironstone coffee pot persists in the clean-lined simplicity sought after in 2012-13 from the days of yore when it served java lovers nearly a century ago.

ironstone-coffee-pot – lovetoknowantiques.com

Spatterware hides its age well, maintaining the whimsy, color and pattern that today is fetching a ticket of $19,000 at auction.

1800’s spatterware

Look familiar?

Bacio carpet by Roubini Rugs by Piero Fornasetti

Fornasetti created 500 variations of the face of a woman that drew its inspiration from the portrait of Lina Cavalieri he found in a magazine from the 1800’s.

Fornasetti’s stylish wallpaper graces countless decor magazines, blogs and high-end designs today.

Fornasetti’s Italian wallpaper

Fornasetti’s variations of this 1800’s face of this woman include today’s trendy pastels

Sea Coral and maps are big themes in decor in in 2012-13. In this 1800’s culmination the antique blended elements benefit both in this 2012 merge of antiquities.

Sea life original art collage print with antique natural history sea illustrations from the 1800’s combined with a vintage nautical map background

Antique bottles from the 1800’s comprise collections sought after for today’s decor in both Bohemian and well- traveled interior styles.

antique-bottles-circa-1800 – Getty Images

And it’s not difficult to recognize their nineteenth century influence on the shapes and color palettes of today’s glass artisans…

tranSglass is recycled glass by emma woffenden and tord boontje

Today’s variations include both recycled ideas and re-used materials…

Esque’s Gummy Bear vases add whimsy to a color palette dating back a century

The long and short is that while great design and color may be nothing new, the term “dated” can have some pretty positive connotations for contemporary lifestyle.

Mixing the old, the new, and the re-purposed underpins your design plan with solid and lasting principles and elements that create the unexpected, seen again through an entirely new lens. Trends may not be the latest, but frequently represent the greatest moments in design.

A 19th-century Venetian chaise is dressed up with a pillow from Geminola-palm-leaf lamp from Le Décor Français dates from the 1800s

Mix it up!