The Novagratz – Best Color News of Summer on HGTV!

The kitchen design of The Novogratz' home in Manhattan - image from

The Novogratz premiered July 16 on HGTV providing a much needed shot in the arm of color and creativity.

But my excitement is not confined simply to the emphasis on my personal muse, Bohemian Modern Chic. At the risk of sounding narcissistic, I can’t help the feeling of kinship with this design due with matching dimples and seven children thatr warms my heart.

Novogratz family - image is (I think) from HGTV

Courtney Nogratz - image via Design Milk

You see, my husband and I share a blended family of 9 children. As I watch, I wonder weather they are subjected to the same looks of mingled surprise and shock, for our what is at times perceived as a noble savage approach to family. But in fairness,  our family range in age and don’t all live at home at once. Watching Courtney Novogratz, whose dining room table acts as command central presiding over 7 kids, a design studio in Manhattan, and a TV series makes me giddy with hope – Bravo Novogratz!

Projection aside, the design style is also a breath of fresh and hopeful air. Color is the air a designer breathes, and their approach to design is inflated with color – happy, cheerful and nearly weightless’ floating color. There is also a penchant for unique lighting, the unexpected, and every possible approach to art.

A bedroom design by Novogratz, image from

The best part of the exercise is the fearlessness. In the singlular space I did not love, the designers and home owners alike acknowledged the vivacity of color (similar to an episode of Design Star a few weeks prior referred to as “color I can see through my eyelids” to an unrelated design) by donning sun glasses in a master bedroom positively radiating yellow. But the homeowners loved it (which is what counts at day’s end) and I came away admiring both the lack of hesitance to the approach, and confidence it conveyed.

A Novogratz design -

The moral of the story is that design can look great by thumbing its nose at itself. There are limits that each of us must define for ourselves – but as goes the slogan branding every episode of Home by Novogratz, “there are no rules”.

A dining Space from Home by Novagratz - image from HGTV

Deer heads on walls are transformed from gruesome to pop art as paintings mounted in effigy, stripes can go any which way, in any color you love, and stating the obvious on the wall in your dining space is just down right funky.

The message is: Design fearlessly! It’s not international peace negotiations. Please yourself; and if you don’t like how it comes out, try try again. :-)