Beth Katleman’s "Folly" 3-D Porcelain Wallpaper

Beth Kattleman and her 3-D Wallpaper Installation, “Folly” – image from the New York Times

An article about Beth Kattleman and her 3-D porcelain wallpaper installation appeared in the New York Times. I would encourage everyone to read it.

Detail from “Folley” photo by Beth Kattleman

Her magical installation is strewn with smiling snails, Eiffel towers, and a myriad of preciously rendered casts of cheap little toy dioramas. Kattleman has installed “Folly”, her landscape of 50 miniatures at the Jane Hartsook Gallery on Jones Street, in New York City.


Detail from “Folley” photo by Beth Kattleman.

Her bas reliefs are slip casts derived from the same techniques of the masters of the baroque period who created stuffy porcelain statuettes of royalty, for porcelain rooms in 18th century castles. I have put viewing “Folly” as a “must do”, as a brief aside from the NYIGF. You can catch it between Jan. 20, 2011 to Feb. 17, 2011 at the Jane Hartsook Gallery, at Greenwich House Pottery, 16 Jones Street, on the second floor.


Another Detail from “Folley” photo by Beth Kattlemanindulgences of the elite few, and inspired generations of Victorian-esque chakas  – but closer examination of Ms Kattleman’s installation reveals a Rococo landscape likened more to the kids’ “I Spy” books.


Ms. Katleman’s “Folly” sculptures can be obtained for a well-deserved $2,400 to$4,500 each.In the DIY portion of getting a 3-D wallpaper look that works for your budget, you’ll find resources that make the most of your masterpiece, by lighting it up! Here are 3 lighting solutions for your own installation project – there is no right or wrong; only what’s right for you. Each accomplishes a unique design goal, and assumes working with a turquoise background.Now as promised, you can get the look of 3D wallpaper even if you don’t happen to be a master at slip mold casting. It’s an intermediate DIY project, mainly because it’s so time consuming, but with a few remedial power tools, elbow grease, and some trial and error this look can be yours at home! Set aside a weekend, and see the DIY article:




















Detail from “Folley” photo by Beth KattlemanSo how much to get the original?