Take a Picture – Stretch Your Design Dollars!

An image I took of a stacked glass and marbles

The right photograph, especially blown up for impact creates a design that pops and is completely your own style!

A close up shot of flea market glasses on a glass cake pedestal

A glass dish, abalone shell and a marble

1) See your subject in a new way – it doesn’t matter whether you are shooting family members or flea market finds. In one of my shots I placed rose petals between stacked glass plates – those  transparencies featured in the 2012 color trends focus on the depth and playfulness of color you can see through.
2) See your shot through the camera’s lens. This is why so many people take pictures that are cut off in odd places – pay attention to where your images begin and end

3) Try Reinventing every day items. Pop artists like Andy Warhol and Wayne Thiebaud created art by reinterpreting everyday items, forcing us to see them in a new context. The camera lets anyone do this without paint, brush, or years of training – and if you take your image to Kinko’s or a local print shop, they can add the large-scale for you.

Nuts and marbles becomes texture, color and transparency when blown up to larger scale

4) A vignette is a partial view of a scene or composition. They always feel more intimate because the viewer is forced to confront the subject up close and personal. This format offers  a more personalized view of the person, place or thing. Vignettes are an easy way to get a great shot – take a dozen different vignettes and one will probably be fantastic!This is a marble placed in the top of a candle stick filled with seltzer water!

A marble, candle stick and seltzer water are lying around the house, but combined create color, depth and interest in combination with your other home decor!