Table Stories – Tips From Rosanna Bowles

“Dress your table as you would dress yourself. Let your style come through.” –Rosanna Bowles, President of Rosanna, Inc.

Truer words I cannot call to mind!

In an economy that has placed limits on dining out, many of us have taken to opening our homes and our hearts to break bread with friends and family. In my view, this is more of a gift than an inconvenience. Necessity has inspired a movement to stay at home and vent our creative energies preparing culinary delights showcased by memorable tablescapes, both in-doors and out. 

The people you entertain may remember a great restaurant meal for a while, but they will never forget the community and intimacy of being invited into your home and being treated to cuisine prepared by your own hand served on a tablescape that broadcasts welcome and hospitality – and it’s easier than you think!

Summer is the season of casual, spontaneous entertaining. MyHomeFaceLift is celebrating a summer of home entertaining with an expanded line of Rosanna Inc Tableware (look for the launch and link later this week!). In celebration, I asked Rosanna herself to offer some expert tips on creating memorable table stories for friends, family and self.

Here are her tips:

1. Start with Table Linens: A runner adds a dramatic stripe of color that makes white dishes stand out.

2. Add a napkin: Bring your personality to the table with a fun or creative pocket fold.

3. Choose a Centerpiece: It doesn’t always have to fresh-cut flowers. Just make sure whatever you choose is elevated enough to stand out, but not so much to hinder conversation across the table.

image provided by Rosanna, Inc

4. Place Settings: The most important piece of advice. Have a set of 12 white dinner plates and 12 white napkins. Then choose a fun and whimsical or seasonally-colored salad plate for the occasion. Investing in a nice set of white dinner plates & napkins as your base allows you to create a multitude of tablescapes easily and affordably, as often as you like, by simply changing the salad plate.

image provided by Rosanna, Inc

5. Place Cards: If you are holding a larger dinner party, create place cards. Everyone will feel special and important. People love to sit down at the table and be greeted by a little surprise. It sets the mood and creates a sense of excitement.

The inspiration for many of my tablescapes comes from familial connections and traditions. Always set your table with at least one piece that honors your family’s past. Shop your grandmother’s attic for pitchers, platters, tablecloths. If you don’t have anything like that, start the tradition yourself.

Colored votives really do make your tablescape sparkle! image provided by Rosanna, Inc

Also, I love to incorporate candlelight as part of a tablescape. Even in the daytime, votives en masse on a tray or sprinkled around the table create an atmosphere that is calming and serene.

Tips about mindful living, entertaining, creating traditions and living in the season also abound in Rosanna’s book, Coming Home: A Seasonal Guide to Creating Family Traditions, available on her website at

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