Table Stories Contest – Get Inspired!

Rosanna Bowles of Rosanna Inc stopped by this week to provide tips for memorable tablescapes and traditions. I was so inspired that I wanted to expand on the theme – and after you absorb some inspirational table stories here, head over to Rosanna’s blog and try your own hand! Rosanna’s annual table competition may net you a $500 prize!!!  Competing is easier than you think, and as extra incentive, we’ll give the winner 10% off of any Rosanna Product to keep creating prize-winning tablescapes!

The most memorable table story I can recall was Thanksgiving at my friend Nina’s House. My friend’s passion is styling displays is legend. But on this particular occasion, rather requesting than a dish to pass from the dozen-or-so-person guest list, she asked that everyone create their own themed table setting. You might think that the resulting mish-mash would create tablescape chaos, but instead the unstructured variety created a Bohemian table story at its finest! I remember everyone departing with genuine smiles, extolling the “most memorable Thanksgiving ever!”

Tables stories are little else if not still-lifes on which to eat. Combine tablescapes with the canvas of summer and you create the unique opportunity to blend table stories with the etherial beauty of the outdoors. Picnic Season is a 200 day opportunity to perfect your hand at table art, and encouraging your friends or family to contribute is just one way to make it memorable.

Money is not prerequisite to making magic happen, and styling in a limited space is not even close to the headaches that plague home design, so this is your guilty-pleasure chance to glam it ip and have fun.

Nature’s bounty is fabulous host! Image from orange-orchard-bleupieceblog

Ok, so while you may not have an orchard at your disposal, picnics are portable entertaining – just take that color with you that picture-perfect place perfect awaiting your creative vision.

Mixing pattern is easy – it’s about how big, and what your pattern is about – take your cue from the pattern. The delicate armature of the gleaming bamboo silverware is speaking to other branches and nature themes of the place settings. Mixing gold and silver adds twice the interest and glamor!

Layering table linens is just as effective on tables, as it is in bedding or your wardrobe, creating layers of interest and color.

This is a pretty well-worn image, but I can’t help it – I never get tired of Eddie Ross!

No chairs? No problem – keep some bright cushions handy and swap a bench for a table…

Try Japanese – picnic style image via bleupieceblog

Some of the most charming tablescapes I have seen utilize indoor furniture moved outdoors, in an out-door room setting differentiated by simple sheers, sheets, or a tent.

creating an entertaining zone requires less $$$ than muscle – move it outside!

Don’t forget to invite the color! Glass and flowers are one of Summer’s greatest romances – it’s amazing how good your glass pieces in the closet or in displays look outside!

Now take that color inspiration, and all this inspiration over to Rosanna’s blog and enter her contest! GOOD LUCK!