Supermoon 2012 Inspired Rooms

Embellished image from SFGirl by bay blog

Like me, I you stopped grueling DIY (or something considerably more pleasant) last evening in time to see the super-moon’s climactic annual parogee, at its closest rotation to earth at 221,802 miles from Earth – that’s over 15,000 miles closer than its average rotation!

It was so inspiring that long after nodding out from sheer exhaustion, dreamy images of water-colored indigo-noir and ombre images stilled danced in my head. I was not the only one inspired by this ethereal annual spectacle, made all the more dramatic by its coincidental appearance on Cinco de Mayo.

moon-miniature-led-light –

On the interiorholic blog, I read:

“Everyone in Japan affected by the earthquake prayed to the super moon, the biggest full moon in a cycle of 18 years.‘The moon’ is the light of our hope.”

The accompanying image featured a 3-D LED lit model, created from topographical data compiled from Kaguya’s accurate 3D topographic data of the moon!

image via Apartment Therapy

This just had me at “Hello”!

I thought you all might enjoy taking home some of that Bella Luna inspiration ode to the moon’s annual parogee:

The Full Moon Sideboard Lamp –

Full Moon Necklace, Glass Photo Necklace, Silver Plate – Rainnua Etsy Store

Moon Space Triple Toggle Switch Plate Cover – impressionsexpress Etsy store

moon surface custom mural –

NOCTURN BY MOONLIGHT cushion glow-in-the-dark pillow – i3Lab Etsy Store

You can also go with a less sledge-hammer interpretation for that lunar-inspired vibe.

a lunar inspired room from designfixation.blogspotcom

Everything about this room says full moon…

DEsigners Guild Eberson Slate Rug from

The designers guild ombre rug is so much softer than the lunar surface underfoot!

BlissLiving Home’s Sea Pillow from MyHomeFaceLift

The lunar landscape is while foreboding in space in inviting and romantic in this stylish retreat…

Ombre- moon-inspred bedding by BlissLiving Home on MyHomeFaceLift

Wow – the moon really is made of swiss cheese!

The “Ghost Globe” by Shiner international for

Good Night Moon….

Housewares Home Decor Ballerina Dancer Wall Art Vintage Lady in the Moon Light Print Yellow Tutu Gift for Mom Collage Digital Art – MixedMediaMuseum Etsy Store

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