Spring Color Trends 2012 Meet Spring!

Invite the Outdoors in! Pantone Nouveau Neon meets Spring Color and Design Legacy Pillows

Happy Easter! Try some style that’s good enough to eat (literally) to kick off Spring in style.

Due to a non-elective technical hiatus, I missed Earth Day – this made me particularly sad, as an eco-friendly aesthetic is so much of a guiding principle in the product selection for MyHomeFaceLift.com – but better late than never!

Edible roses bring yummy style in keeping with spring color trends with Pillows by Design Legacy on a Design Legacy High-back Sofa

On this Easter Sunday we’ll look to the outdoors for inspiration and maybe a snack. Inviting nature in by using pillows created with untreated cotton pillows with earth-friendly hand-screened prints honors the outdoors by imitation (the finest form of flattery). Using those vivid Pantone colors for inspiration adds style – a style and earth-friendly win/win.


Home gardening, particularly edibles have taken over back yards, containers, and roof tops all over the US, with “growing your own” seeing an astonishing increase of 40% over the past summer of 2010.

A design Legacy Russet Daniel dining arm chair is graced by an Orange pillow (hot for 2012) featuring a poppy with very edible seeds for cakes and salads

The colors of Nasturtium flowers are the stuff of Pantone Nouveau Neon inspiration, like this Design Legacy nasturtium Orange Dining Chair ( or Tropaeolum majus,) and like  its  edible Nouveau Neon
inspiration brings the garden indoors. Easy to grow, annual flowers brighten
containers by windows with vivid Nouveau Neon blossoms in yellows, oranges and yellows with brilliant rounded green leaves. Perfect and tasty bunched on the top of an elegant cake and as festive
printed on pillows as mixed into a green salad of arugula, sorrel, mesclun and
spinach. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible and they have much more
Vitamin C than plain lettuce as well as a slight peppery flavor; also often
used decoratively in vinegar. (Put 1 cup of flowers, buds and leaves into a
tall glass container and cover the flora with a pint of white wine vinegar or
champagne vinegar and then set aside for 3 weeks – add a fresh flower when ready
to serve.

Great for both designers and gardeners, nasturtiums are
ideal for containers on decks or urban terraces, repelling aphids and beetles
and picking up on Pantone oranges, fuchsias, and yellows.

Dish up some gorgeous Design Legacy Pillows in Nouveau Neon colors that look good enough to eat and and yummy eco-chic style to your home: