Spring 2012/2013 – 5 ways to Get That Watercolors Look

Spring 2012 watercolor effect – House & Home Magazine Canada – photographs by Michael Graydon

One of the freshest new Color Trends for Spring 2012 is the “…Happy collusion of colors and water color tonality…” expressed everywhere, but uniquely in the form of the “Co-llective” palette by Pantone. Today we stay inside the box to explore the addition of this ethereal trend on all 6 walls of your room (4 standing, ceiling and floor).

image from Pantone’s 2013 Color Planner Webinar

Normally I  suggest expanding on ideas or themes to challenge the lifeless literal interpretations – imagination translates themes or ideas into rooms applications that evoke interior interest and sophistication.

But for today, and to make this candy-color palette into a sophisticated design muse, I am going to stand my usual advise on its ear to make the most of  a palette and theme that incorporate the tonality, transparency, and complexity of water colors – and yes – water colors themselves.

Choose from the 5 looks below to create eye-candy colors collude to create a water color inspired space by your design in Goldi-locks zone applications – a lot, or a little to make it work just right for you:

Black Crow Studios Wallpaper in a dining room image from House & Home Canada Magazine – photo by Michael Graydon

1) Water color installation wallpaper!

Back Crow Studios Watercolor Wallpaper

Whether you want a burst of the dazzling color of the year Tangerine Tango or you lean toward the moodier blues and violets of Spring / Summer this wall application offers timeless drama, that won’t pass like the trends of summer. This paper is positively illuminating and will appeal to the inner artist long after some passing fancy….

2) Area Rugs – invoke those Pantone blues and water color tonality on your floor!

Watercolor effect – House & Home Canada Magazine and Designers Guild‘s Eberson Aqua Rug from MyHomeFaceLift.com

Ombre, or fading color is amongst the best ways to invoke a water color vibe without falling back on such a literal translation – and this eye-candy color from Tricia Guild  at MyHomeFaceLift fills any color palette’s wish list!

3) Add a water color painting. I have to admit to being an art snob, and strict realism can evoke a hard-line traditional feel in a space – yet the right piece just makes it all flow….like this little gem I found on Etsy:

White Peony, large watercolor print of an original painting by Cathy Hillegas from her Etsy Store – Cathy Lillegas Water Colors

Art can be pricey – and size does matter! While the prints I found were only 12″ x 16″ on total area of 13″ x 19″ they sell for only $39! Getting that sofa-sized landscape on less than a champagne magnum-sized budget requires only a little ingenuity…..

4. Exhibit your smaller jewels of color in a larger crown!

Think Out of the box to up-size your art display area – sofa by Designers Guild – Designers Guild Pillows from MyHomeFaceLift – Pink magnolia watercolor print from original painting by Cathy HIllegas

It’s not that difficult to come up with a vintage mirror at a garage sale or flea market with a mirror that’s seen better days. Just remove the tired mirror, and choose a color from one of your accent colors. I went pretty literal here, and drew color inspiration from a less prominent blue from one of our Designers Guild Pillows. Simply take the pillow to your paint dealer, and identify the color you would like to duplicate. Get a quart (except for red, which will require an additional quart of primer) of paint. Draw a pencil line around your inside framed area and blue tape an area that falls within 50% of your frame’s width (so 1″ outside the line for a 2″ frame) and paint your color in. Mount your smaller artwork in the center and voila! Big return on a small area and budget item!

5. Create some Suminagashi abstract wall art!


This is a fun way involve your friends or family to create abstract art with transparency that requires no special skill – just patience and a willingness to roll up your sleeves for some DIY. Invite some friends, get out your favorite wine, and watch the video below! If you want larger prints, scale up your paper size, and use a toddler-sized wading pool instead.

Pillows, lighting or throws comprise that 10% of the room that many people rely on to convey color in their comfort zone. Evoke a water color feel that’s just enough for you.

Find pillows and throws in watercolor tones, and every color you can imagine at www. MyHomeFaceLift.com!