Spring 2012 Home + Interiors Trends – A Taste of Spring

With the beginning of Design and Gift Market Shows, I have been receiving hints of what is new at market, and an opportunity to intuit what home and interior trends may be visible on the horizon.

Here’s a small taste of what is to come:

A tatse of what is new from Designers Guild for Spring 2012 – image from an add from Designers Guild sent to e-tailers.

I captured the color palette and added it for your edification to this sneak-peek at Designers Guild Spring/Summer 2012 Collection – Tricia Guild can do no color wrong!  I can practically feel the Spring breeze on my face…

NYIGF is right around the corner – you can’t attend if you are not in the trade, but as I always, I will bring you the highlights in the first week of February.

I love vintage items! It gives a space a collected-over-time look that supports a mix of styles that can’t help but convey warmth and a fresh perspective. The NYIGF show catalog offers a preview of Rosanna’s Spring collection which includes a pressed glass collection that had me at “pressed glass”. Vintage pressed glass (which industrialized glass production by making it affordable to all) can be costly, but Rosanna’s pricing is terrific – can’t wait to add this to MyHomeFaceLift.com!

Pressed Glass from Rosanna due to release for Spring! image from NYIGF catalog

Metallics are still big for 2012, in table top, dinnerware, lighting, wall paper and more. Caskata has some great new dinnerware offerings for all the entertaining drama. I love Schumacher’s Mai Chiang Dragon wallpaper and fabric! (I can virtually hear some you saying, Really?)

2 colorways of Mai Chiang Dragon by Schumacher – image from decorpad

But the fabric is quite the splurge – and the wall paper is astronomical! Caskata has come to the rescue with all the dragon and metallic drama for less than the cost of a Mai Chiang Pillow.

Chinese Dragon Porcelain by Caskata

If you are not personally in love with metallics or Asian motifs, there is something in moody Indigo for lovers of French Country style – this indigo porcelain is so well done that this is the only time you will EVER see a rootser on this blog, or at www.MyHomeFacelift.com

Indigo Caskata Porcelain Selections

So much more, on the shows, 2012 spring trends, product and color trends coming soon – stay tuned!