Spring 2012 Decor Trends and Designers at NYIGF

A stunning dining room grouping from Tara Shaw Maison

All is good with the world. My PC is virus-free, Mr Piddles, our rescued and diabeticly cute Chuweenie is thrilled to have everyone back home. If I can only get Piddles off my key board, I have loads to share!

There are some distinct trends forming at Market for Spring 2012, which I will share with you throughout the next few days. Color-wise, all the usual spring color suspects were in evidence, but two trends stood out – whites combined with Neutrals – and bright, bright color. There was little variation between the two poles.

Tara Shaw a trail blazers in that canvasy, white-washed and soft patina palette trend, mixed with commanding neutral painted walls. The influences of Swiss, French and Italian Antiques is more than whispered and creates a wow factor that drew crowds on the show floor.

Tara is as welcoming and effusive in person glowing patina surfaces that are signature in her Maison reproductions lines. She tells fabulous stories about her inspiration, in the person of her “maverick” grandmother – but I will save this, as she may be stopping by to tell you a few stories and provide some inspiration herself. Many of you loved the article about¬† Veranda Magazine’s House of Windsor and her contribution to that stylish effort!

Her pillow and wall art provide the elegant finish to a style that speaks with a clear voice, uniting past with present, and European sophistication with the subtle flavor of a New Orleans French twist. In any language, her display space was a testimony to what can be achieved in 1,000 square feet!













Another view of Tara Shaw’s display space at NYIGF

In a more contemporary twist on what sounds more like oxymoron than trend, a commanding, and sophisticated neutrals style was also evident in the Nancy Price¬† collection. Nancy Price’s put-together sophistication is the alter-ego of Design Legacy’s unabashed signature brightly Bohemian Collection, offered under one unexpected roof.

Nancy Price, amidst her savvy and sophisticated Spring 2012 Collection

Nancy’s Collection is a veritable buffet of up-town blues, and indigos punctuated by golds and oranges, and anchored with charcoal greys and creams.

Nancy may also stop by to share some color and design advise. Her energy is made plain both in conversation, and her rich color palette, blending of old European style and Contemporary style seamlessly. You cannot appreciate how gracious a 20 minute chat really is, until you have seen the walkways broiling with eager buyers, and experienced the fast-paced energy of one of these trade events. Extreme thanks to both Tara and Nancy for the generosity of their time!

Vignette of Nancy Price’s Display space at NYIGF

Another Vignette from Nancy Price’s second collection at NYIGF

Speaking of sultry blues, I discovered “Deliberate Luxury” at the show; Designer Aviva Stanoff’s amazing Spring 2012 Pillow Collection. These are not just pillows featuring images – these are real elements meshed into the pillows!

REAL coral pillow by Aviva Stanoff

Mermaid scale sequins addorn the Jewel Collection pillows by Aviva Stanoff

Lengerie and lace adorn Aviva Stanoff’s Pillow!

Even real lingerie and lace adorn this smoky lilac velvet, that seems unashamed to smile at itself.

More tomorrow!