Someone Dropped a House on Me – Epic Color Challenges!

If you who have wondered whether I have met an untimely end or gone on vacation, the fact is that occasionally one must put their sweat equity where their mouth is…Those of you who usually come to see great rooms and read about color use for the greater good should probably shut your for this…

The House From Hell - what was I thinking??

I bought the house from hell (thus the origins of the dba, MyHomeFaceLift). I have been conspicuously absent from blogging this week, as the scope of summer projects has me stupefied. Talking about design is “like rolling off a log”. The prep for great design is more like having a log dropped on your head!

It was with trepidation that I logged in to the back end of ReDo-it Design today, expecting to hear crickets chirping when I read my stats – but to my shock, record numbers of you have been showing up all week to read about color, et al! So I thought I might share some images to rival Nightmare on Elm Street so you can see what has kept me at bay this week.

The roof was the biggest problem, and for this the big guns were brought in. Rob and his crew unified the split roof, and built an over-hang around the perimeter of both the upper and lower roofs, rebuilt a wall and a very leaky window.

What a mess!!! Work is in progress on landscaping and the family room.

Sadly, the roof swallowed most of the initial budget. So the family has rolled up its sleeves, and the family room, when complete will incorporate allot budget friendly designer tricks, and re-purposing. I HATE contributing to land fills, so any project I work on strives to re-use, re-purpose and recycle – down to the wall-to-wall carpet that is made from recycled soda bottles!

You will hear a bit more about the remodel from time to time, but this weekend I attend NYIGF, so next week will be all about trends, and product announcements!

Thanks for staying with me! I am honored to be one of the sources of information and inspiration that you use to create your own sense of home!

Stop by next week, too! There is allot of new stuff to come, like gorgeous recycled lighting!

Coming Soon - gorgeous recycled glass lamps!