Sneak Peek! PANTONE home + interiors 2013 Colors

PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2013 Webinar is already just around the corner – where is the Fall going? This installment of Home and interiors will touch on “which colors will have staying power and can be relied upon as a steadying influence in unsteady times.”


Pantone Press Release Image and statement

Translation: (One of my pet areas of interest)

The disconnect between what the forecast is projecting, the trades are predicting, and the consumer is actually embracing. Maybe it’s a combined love of color and people watching that makes the puzzle pieces of our visual language and the big picture they assemble so intriguing to me.

Our visual language is formed in part by the manner in which the economy is performing and its subsequent impact on us. Not sure? Have a look:

The color industry is a bit of a revolving door, that has kept a close circle since 2008.

We are now swinging past the ’80’s again. During the reign of the yuppies, those fluorescents, big hair and horrific shoulder pads were an unabashed pronouncement of our perceived economic dominance that stood to defy any thinking that our economic prosperity and its lifestyle of over-consumption could ever be questioned.


Some think-forward color examples for the year to come


Seafoam resurrected – image via Pantone’s newsletter

But we have sobered up.

While the industry may be resurrecting seafoam from the ’80’s (I actually wore that nail polish to NYIGF, so no hypocritical critiques from me) the manner in which color is being embraced and expressed is less arrogant in the updated palettes that people are really gravitating to. Gone is brassy glitz – although metallic gold is making a more tasteful reappearance in the place of ’80’s brass….

The tray above by Ferm Living at least for me, intuits not only the color palettes that are being sought after by abode-lovers and design enthusiasts, but also expresses the more direct and stripped-to-the-gas-cans manner in which design itself is being expressed.

The palette and geometric lines are a definitive and humbler statement, expressing contrast but maintaining safe neutral ground via calculated use of monochrome color. Gone is the arrogance, replaced with the steely-gaze of minimalism that proclaims that less needs to be more and a determination to simplify and work smarter.


image via

The peacock eluded to in the year to come is stunning, but here, less really is more. A few years ago, lilacs were being called “the new neutrals” and now that tail is being pinned on a blue donkey – but watch out where you tack that tail. Strong blues suck light applied to large areas – but these amazing blues and greens are smart choices for bold accents with graphic patterns and clean lines.

We’ll be exploring creative ways to blend combination of color prediction palettes,

(Click here to check out the Pillows)


Butterfly and Peacock Pillows from One Kings Lane via Grace Home

In the weeks to come we’ll touch base on the colors being embraced in the pages of magazines, in real homes, and how a thoughtful mix can energize your design in the year to come!


Strong blues in lovely bursts – image via