Sneak Peek – Pantone Colors 2014!

Sneak Peek at Pantone 2014 Color Trends!

It’s here! Every first week of September, Pantone sends out a tantalizing first peek at what to expect from the forecast two years out!

Two years, you say?

Yes – trends never rest. While you may have not considered what you will eat for breakfast tomorrow morning (and you are not alone) the Pantone color gurus are hunkering down,  heads together sharing steaming pots of coffee and their takes on the color trends for 2015, perhaps as I write this article.

So that you are clear on what you are (and are not) looking at, it is the image (far left) that I am holding up for review. The color palette (on the right) is comprised of color samples that I took from the image.

So what’s the big deal about me sampling colors, you ask slightly deflated…and she joyously addresses the rhetorical question….let’s look at the ad I received from Pantone on September 6 of 2011 revealing the trend teasers for 2013 to answer that question….

Co-mingled Pantone 2013 sneak peek and Co-llective palette colors by Pantone – images from Pantone ads

While the ad (above left) was not entirely predictive, it did contain some direct references to colors and color palettes that later released (last February) in The Fashion Trends Report for 2013 – and it also revealed the theme that coincided with the Color Predictions for Fashion and Home:

“As we rediscover power in numbers and embrace this new culture of unity, the marriage between colour and context grows stronger. Bold colour continues and further expands into new end uses. But how should it interact with product form or silhouette? What finish or fabric should be used? And in what color combinations?

Containing seasonal inspiration, key color themes and harmonies plus comprehensive color family and material direction for womenswear, menswear, activewear, cosmetics, interiors, industry and graphic design, PANTONEVIEW Colour Planner Spring/Summer 2013 has the answers you need.

The sneak peek for 2014 also gives tantalizing hints for the summer flavor of 2014:

“Portal speaks to a point of joining, a way of referencing the past to inform the future, forming a path that moves us forward into another world. For spring/summer 2014, as we enter into the color portal and pass through to our way out, our interest in strong color continues, becoming more grown-up, mellow and sophisticated in its level of thinking.

Become a part of another view, another dimension, the perspective of a landscape turned on its head”.

So what does it all mean???

Put on your hats Watson(s), and let’s collate some evidence and draw our own conclusions – no pipes please – and we will examine and collate the evidence drawn from color predictions past, because as goes my design mantra – there is nothing really new in design….

Pantone Color of Years for the decade past

As you can see, what goes around. comes around – and around. let’s line them up by family now. I see a trend – no pun intended…we may be in line for a blue…or a pale pink.

In almost every case, the color of the year appears in some subset of the prior year’s fashion report. Note

image via

A troubled economy my dear Watson, left a timid market in fear of change, and so ushered in 2012….while not identical, these colors are still in the visual foot print of 2012…..

fall 2012 via West Valley Painting

whose foot prints led me to this image, which revealed the color trends for 2013,

The Home and Interiors Set – Pantone Palettes 2013

Which lead us to the who-done-it for the 2015 predictions. Drum Roll please………

The evidence:

“our interest in strong color continues, becoming more grown-up, mellow and sophisticated in its level of thinking…”

  • Blue is a member of the 2013 predictions
  • The prominent patent willow style vase in the teaser image is willow blue; a sophisticated traditional look
  • We are in line for a blue year
  • Indigo has really been embraced by this year’s markets – people want longevity of trends during economic instability

Because I am not in the hard copy print industry, I have not purchased Pantone’s 2014 Color Planner, and if even if I dug deep into my pockets to do so I doubt it would include overt indications of the color of the year selection for 2014 – but based on the Pantone Home + Interior’s predictions for 2013, and the fashion report, my money is on:

Pantone Olympian Blue 19-4056 TCX

Or, I could be all wet and it could be a Rose Smoke or a shade of shade of lilac, which would be my alternative guesses, but I think I will keep my money on Monaco Blue.

I am also seeing signs of the metallic trends beginning to turn toward a tarnish patina that resembles oil in a puddle. I would not be surprised if this surface treatment emerges as a trend for 2014.

Here are some looks that might be in line for 2014, if in fact my sleuthing exercise holds any water….

Gorgeous Chandelier from Ro Shame Beaux

indigo living room – Style Estate

An original photo from my Pinterest page – I love ultramarine, Indigo and Olympic blue – if I hunched are lucky, there will be plenty of lovely blues to go a around!

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