Salute to Summer Color – Cupcakes Anyone Can Make!

simple, colorful summer treats!

It’s day 2 of summer! School ends tomorrow, and there are lots of staff to say good -byes to who have worked hard to shape my son’s academic and social experience – so I am moving my color palette from walls to plates, to say thanks!

It occurred to me that sooooo many of you have loves the Pantone ala Easter Cupcakes post that I put up a while back (it remains in the top 6 consistently) that I was inspired to simplify what I would normally do so that anyone reading this can throw on an apron, whip out a mixer and dress their 4th of July picnic to impress without even breaking a sweat!

Not everyone can do this:

Alice meets cupcake – Alice – 10 inch Melamine Plate from Etsy and flowers on midnight blue by Maya Bella Cupcakes

I know my way around a pastry sleeve and I don’t think I can do this – but again, special thanks to Maya Bella in Colorado Springs who can!

For the rest of us, try these easy sunflower cupcakes for your 4th of July sworray:

You need, 1 box of Pillsbury white cake, Raffaello Coconut truffles (neacuse they have the coconut rolled surface) and yellow sprinkles (I like Wilton yellow sprinkles, because they have a mix of dark to light) and a pastry sleeve.

Mix your batter via the cake instructions, but substitute coconut milk for water. Fill your cupcake batter to about 3/4 full (the coconut milk keeps the truffle from sinking, but lessens the degree to which the cake raises). Top each unbaked cupcake with a coconut truffle, dead center and press it very lightly – but don’t push it down too hard.

then bake per box instructions.

The coconut browns, giving the cupcake center the look of the center of your sunflower! Read it and weep cupcakes wars! OK, now you need to frost. So may people have feat of pastry sleeves, so I made it super easy.

I used a pastry sleeve with NO tip here – yes, a tip improves the finished appearance, but don’t let fear get in your way – just start at the center next to the truffle, apply some pressure and pull out-wards from the center, and pull without squeezing to extend the “petals” when yo reach the end. Then dust the centers with the colored sugar – voila!

These taste even better than they look…

Now all you need is a great plate to go with your table story!

Try plating with unexpected images on Melamine that won’t break if the celebration gets a little past patriotic…

moose in blue sky - vintage artwork on 10 inch Melamine Plate

A flying summer moose from Jean Cody’s Etsy Store

Summer, here we come!

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