Pink 2012 – Color Schemes

Color Schemes in 2012 are loving pink – and there are lots of pinks to love!

Pink is a spectacular decor opportunity that, while big in Pantone’s Fall 2012 color forecast, and after its color of the year engagement in 2011, still remains the unloved cinder-step-child of interior color schemes and decor selected for real living.

There’s no shortage in magazines and designers’ portfolios showcasing pinks, but try and get this color past the more masculine aspect of a shared dwelling…I think it’s time to re-think pink.

Michael Chandler flickr with Chip it!

I have chosen the ultra-feminine canon of the Geisha to re-imagine pink. As soon as all of you who are tuned in hoping for a color negotiation tool stop laughing, I will explain my choice!

Pink is one of those a-little-goes-a-long way colors. Here is pink used as a minority color with gray – where does your eye go?

image via

Pink is a color tamed by opposites, and diminished in intensity by mixing it with a palette incorporating both brighter warmer colors than itself, darker shades for contrast, and middles tones derived from mixed compliments (colors opposed in their position on the color wheel, and mixed together in equal portion and intensity). These tones are like your design mortar.

Watercolor Color Mixing Chart Viridian Green and Alizarin Crimson – chart via Color Mixing Charts Photo Gallery

Now bring in the colors inspired by the Geisha images – but this time take away the image and look only at the paint colors.

What do you see?


I see choices – and not just pinks, but allot of neutral shades and earthy deep tones in addition to pinks….

Abstraction is a fundamental to refining the ability to imagine and apply that inspirational imagery in real time. The Geisha image offers: Drama, Contrast, a bit of sparkle, something unexpected – if this Geisha image was a room, we might be watching an episode of Divine Design with Candice Olson!

Let’s use our Geisha-inspired palette to mix up that pink with some tones that are a bit more relationship compatible…..the resources are down below, for anyone wants to take their inspiration to the next step, but this is just a sample – you can swing alot further toward the tailored aspect than I have done, with leathers and hides…the pink choices are endless:

1. Oblong Joaquin Pendant Lamp – Anthropologie $498.00

2. White Parasol Pendant – Coming Soon to Kim’s Rooms on Re-Do it Design

3. Whistling Thorn Wallpaper – Anthropologie – $88.00

4. Conch Shell Pillow – Kim’s Rooms Re-Do it Design – $152

5. Glass vase Bureau – Anthropologie – $1498.00

6. Bethel Parasol Light – I will be adding this to Re-Do it Design’s store soon!

7. Louisa Settee, Faded Star – $3,998.00

8. Glasshouse Canopy – Anthropologie –  $1998.00

9. Lithophane Tea Set Pale green pattern, Geisha image in bottom of cups from Etsy – 89.95

10. Townsend Pedestal Tea Table – Joss and Main – $1097.00

11. Ginger Root Sculptures – $55 each –

12. Floral Wing Back-patchwork sofa  – $1850 – namedesignstudio etsy store

13. High minded chandelier – $998 – Anthropologie

14. Century Furniture Denise Sofa – $2,999.00 – One Kings Lane

15. Lavoisier Pendant Lamp – $168 – Anthropologie

16. Blurred geology pillow – $128 0 Anthropologie