Pantone View Home + Interiors 2012 – The Comics Pallet

Pantone “The Comics” Color Pallet

“Cartoons come to life in this effervescent palette called The Comics. Funny paper hues pop off the page in whimsical ways that bring a smile and create the need to take some time to play. Ominous phantom black provides the backdrop for sulphuric yellow and fiery red. A flash of green provokes a strong blue while an inky cyan plays up to honeysuckle and primrose. It’s quirky joy and spontaneity”.

Indeed! The comics could not be more American in or enduring as an iconic color inspiration group, unless they were red, white, and blue – and not just comics or funnies. Faithful historic reproductions show that our nation’s fore-fathers had nothing to fear from color. Colonial color schemes embodied the courageous bravado upon which the foundation of our newly formed nation was built.

Left: Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello yellow dining room from colordesignnet; Right: an emerald-green sitting room from George Washington’s beloved Mt Vernon

The spirit of courageous color continued through the evolution of the US, embodied in many incarnations, such as Wrinling Brothers Circus, The Rockettes, and in Vintage Glamor Hollywood. The symbiotic relationship between vivid color and black emboldens both, creating rooms that are as memorable as the people who dare to create and live within the confines of pure color.

The Wizard of oz was a color thesis in motion pictures, well ahead of its time – image from Sharonday blog

So how do you take inspiration from this unapologetic color pallet to translate The Wizard of Oz over the rainbow and into a real home like yours? By Breaking the pallet down to 1 -2 colors and going for it!

Pantone comic stripes from Elle Decor Magazine resonate with comic illustrations, as underdog stands watch…

Here are some other rooms utilizing sophisticated use of a limited pallet of strong colors belonging to the Pantone Comics color pallet:

comics go neoclassic; seemingly custom-made for this comic-style portrait of Marilyn Monroe – left – meghan-blum.blogspot

Comics cyan blue and orange compliment each other in this titillating dining space from Elle Decor

House Beautiful shows of a courageous Pantone Flash Green Kitchen!

House Beautiful showcases a courageous Pantone Flash Green Kitchen!

Enid Woodwards kitchen – image photographed by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times


comics red-orange and Honeysuckle demonstrate no inhibitions in this flirty Elle Decor bedroom