Color Spring 2012 – How to use Tangerine Tango!

All this Color!

It’s probably evident from the header of this blog that I have a penchant for and enjoy bright color – and that yes, I like red-orange. But Preferences aside, what I love about Tangerine Tango from a design perspective is its versatility. There are very, very few colors that can be translated between, cottage, contemporary, Bohemian, Traditional, Deco, and Arts and Crafts (I could keep going) styles, and work in all those applications – but I must say, Tangerine Tango comes pretty close…

Tangerine Tango goes modern – orange lamps via french by design

Modern with hints of Boho,

Tangerine urban chic –

Penthouse Chic,

image via Stoneselexblog

Fresh and family-centric Bungalow,

Pantone’s Tangerine Tango from colorchatsblog

and un-decorate Bohemian style.

Tumblr image with Etsy earings

Use your wardrobe and accessories to get inspired!

Fashion has incredible cross-over potential for room design. I have always wondered why HGTV has never created a show called “Coming Out of The Closet” as a tongue and cheek euphemism for getting at the heart of the way that most of people understand themselves and their color preferences. The transition from outfit to room is a natural next step. Pantone‘s Spring Fashion Report also has a great deal of crossover to home and interior color.

So what is holding you back? Maybe you believe that only a certain personality can pull off a vivid orange….

But a room takes all of those assets that make clothing and color work for some, onto a level playing field. You don’t need to be flamboyant to use flamboyant color!

First things first –

Yes, these are both images of Pantone 17-1463 TCX.

Pantone Tangerine Tango 17-1463 TCX

The function of Pantone LLC is to prevent the effect of what you see here, which is a significant variation between different computer screens and their ability to see and translate color – much like Marilyn wearing a dress and most everyone else cannot – two very different interpretations on the same theme.

If you think this is bad, try it out in your living (or other) room. Pantone standardizes color outcomes, so that this doesn’t happen during the manufacturing process to many products you use or wear daily. Sadly, Pantone can’t standardize your room’s lighting nor affect the directionality of your room’s exposure to sunlight. Environment is key to determining the outcome of your color choices. To test the waters, try some color out at home.

A good paint dealer will have access to Pantone standards. I asked my Benjamin Moore dealer, and they can do it. Many paints brands maintain that no one can correctly imitate their signature colors – but Pantone’s purpose is standardization. If your dealer has their color system, it can be done.

Lowe’s has begun offering a limited selection of Pantone Paints online. The selection appears rather narrow, and I have not been able to discover how to search for the available colors on Lowe’s website (and have not found Pantone Tangerine Tango 17-1463 TCX amongst them). They do have some nice shades, and are sold in a 35 oz applications (a quart measures 32 oz) for $14.95

Now decide how much and where you will love it. Live with your sample for a few days and decide if you like it and if so, how much of it you really love. Think of determining your saturation like creating an outfit:

left – right , Green Pea Design, – can’t find it! – Apartment Therapy

Top to Bottom – Casa Sugar, Fashionopolis, style edition blog

Remember, you can also change the level of color saturation by adjust your shade – just ask the paint store to lighten your color to preference.

Gradient Shades of Tangerine Tango

and mix your variation with a neutral, like this medium saturation variation with soft blue-gray and vanilla. Neutrals distribute the weight of intense color.

Another gorgeous color combo from Martha Stewart.

If you have always loved this shade, by all means get a distinctive Tangerine sofa or chair!

Some fabulous Tangerine Tango and coordinating finds from

and if Tangerine still feels scary, try it out in accents like pillows. They can always be changed out or coordinated with new color preferences.

Fun and Funky in orange, loads of Design Legacy Pillows at

Stop by to find many Tangerine Tango Dreams!