Pantone PORTAL Color Planner – Summer 2014!


Pantone PORTAL Color Planner – Summer 2014

What a day in Color! Pantone’s PORTAL Color Planner – Summer 2014 just arrived in my e-mail on the heals of the PANTONE home + interiors 2013 webinar forecast broadcast at noon!

Yes, to clarify – that was PANTONE home + interiors 2013 color predictions! While I am working up my thoughts, and selecting from the 50 or so images captured from the Home and Interiors webinar for 2013, I am taking you back to the future, a style year ahead to 2014 to give you the sneak preview of (drum roll) the Spring / Summer 2014 color trends.

This is a bit of reverse color trend engineering on my part – color trends do offer some consistencies that will become clearer with explanation during the next few days, but in short –  The year forward carries with it some colors from trends of the past year past. So 2013 will retain some shades from 2013 into 2014; just as 2013 will for 2012. You see, all style goes back to move forward, and by knowing a bit about predictions you can get a leg up on shades that will endure, giving your design that edge that keeps your home from looking dated. Trends and fads are not the same thing!

We’ll be exploring and clarifying all this in the week to come, but with so much to share, let’s begin by going ahead with Pantone’s creative impetus for the Portal shades:

“Janus, the Roman god of portals, gates and doors, is our metaphor for a new set of creative relationships. Janus was worshiped at the beginning of important moments; harvest, marriage, birth, but, double-headed, he looks both ways – to the past and also towards what’s to come.

Janus represents a transitional moment between the primitive and civilization, the countryside and the city, peace and conflict and youth and adulthood. We see this symbol as a notion that can magnetize two polar opposites and, somehow, create a fix on the flux point between them. A mid-point where curiosity, the gift of youth, joins wisdom, the legacy of experience.

A way of referencing the past to inform the future… Become a part of another view… Another world… The perspective of a color landscape turned on its head….”

Pantone Colors for 2007

Hmmm – gates and doors – remember my statement that we have been in a color trend revolving door since the real estate bubble exploded taking the economy down with it in 2007?

It’s funny, but 7 years later we come full circle – See the second purple from the bottom on the image (left) of Pantone’s colors for 2007 – that is none other than
2014’s Casmhere Rose. What goes around truly does come around.






Shanghai Club Chair from One Kings Lane


But this time around the block, Cashmere Rose is less bold, choosing instead the company of more conservative companions.In Pantone’s words:

“This is a pretty palette celebrating nature’s springtime colors.

We live in a shifting and changing world, which is always growing and transforming. Fluttering, exuberant and energetic brights capture the vigor and new energy of the season. Blossom Pinks burst forth into sky blues and lush sappy greens. A buttercup yellow casts a vivid sunbeam over this kinetic family of floral-inspired pastes.”

Pantone Spring 2014 Preview Palette

But although purples linger, having begun more as a grass root color cu than a predicted trend, Greens are the big influence for the next two style years.

Color Trends Spring 2014 – Pantone Posy Palette

image via Pantone’s Portal 2014 Product ad

Of course, Posy is just a vignette of the 9 palettes that represent the color trends’ annual offering for Fashion, Home + Interiors – the Bouquet palette (right) shows color predictions leaning toward a palette reminiscent of summer annuals, such as inpatients, pansies and Gerber daisies – I am struck by how few ties these colors have to very contemporary design – are we seeing a further move (that is, beyond the prolific design market offerings involving aged and patina surfaces and rough woods) toward a more cozy and unassuming cottage vibe….

But back to the (near) future – tomorrow: PANTONE home + interiors 2013! Come and see the gorgeous wave of in-coming color and see whose riding it!

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