Pantone Comes To NYIGF 2011

New Pantone seating by Seletti!

Selletti has introduced Pantone formula folding chairs, coffee mugs, and espresso mugs!

Some of many pantone shades of Seletti Coffee Mugs

pantone espresso cups

Never has it been easier to add color in the kitchen by creating a wall art (with utility!) to cheer any blank kitchen space. You can bring in as any colors as you like, or theme it to coordinate with your color scheme – a perfect solution for glass cabinet doors, that look great on the showroom floor, but demand styling for all that visibility in your kitchen design.

Pantone Coffee Mugs - coming this Fall to

I am looking forward to sharing virtual morning coffee with you in spirit! Look for an announcement in September to get your set of Pantone Mugs, or colorful kitchen seating that you can add in a flash or store in a heart beat at