Pantone Color Trends 2013 ala Cupcakes!

Pantone Sring 2012 inspiration – montage of Pantone images from Simeen Cook, image consultant’s website

Easter could not be a more perfect opportunity to create Easter confections and table stories inspired by those happy Pantone Spring 2012 Colors. Like every other busy person planning a holiday meal and settings that will inspire both the eye and the palette of the people I love, I finally found some time for a bit of last-minute brain storming about the Easter meal.

Pantone cupcakes from Erika Valverde

You’re probably thinking actual Pantone cupcakes – I have seen them and they are really allot of fun!

But no – this blog is never about literal interpretations – no actual Pantones, eggs, chocolate rabbits or bunnies (well, maybe a bunny or two). Let’s use those trends yet again as a launching point for our imaginations and Easter table stories – and no formal place settings, either…

I am thinking about an eclectic, low-maintenance high octane creative table story that allows the menu itself to speak the language of color for the meal.

colorful foods via

Mixing it up with some great cupcakes for dessert, served on a mix of fun Rosanna porcelain dessert plates, and Melamine plates will add volumes of taste and color to the Easter dinner…like I said, maybe just a couple of bunnies….

Easter eggs and Bunnies plates from The Mad Platters Etsy Store, with a gorgeous MayaBella Cupcake

Unifying the table story with unique, graphic images allows you to mix materials seamlessly into the dessert table story, without creating a table-scape that looks cheap or inconsistent.

Blending the formality of porcelain with the durability of melamine is the perfect aesthetic trick to make kids equal and welcome at the adult table, while keeping your breakable settings (and little fingers) safe. Rosanna offers that Paris Bohemian vibe at a price point that is the same as nicely done melamine!

Rosanna Fleamarket finds plates paired with Mya Bella cupcakes

So why cupcakes for Easter dessert? Because they’re so perfect for a holiday meal with  any age or gender guests!

Alice meets cupcake – Alice – 10 inch Melamine Plate from Black Baraoque Etsy Shop and flowers on midnight blue by Maya Bella Cupcakes

I am captivated by cupcakes! Few confections have as much to offer. Cup cakes are jewel boxes offering endless variety of color and precious decoration. Their petite size makes the perfectly apportioned end to a fabulous meal, and the flavors and fillings provide big-bang decadence in a small portion!

But not everyone is capable of creating that perfect synergy between flavor and decoration – and of those who do, most cupcake artists use fondant as their medium for design. I don’t love fondant…it’s sort of like a cross between mochi and cotton candy….so I surfed the web for the fondant-free cupcakes, and discovered Mya Bella Cupcakes – whose inspiration (left) could not be sweeter, and whose decoration is predicated entirely on white or milk chocolate. They had me at chocolate…so I couldn’t resist giving a shout-out to owner Alexandra Elliot who herself, could not have been sweeter about sharing her cupcake muse with me and her stunning images of trend-inspiring confections.

Sadly, she can’t ship cupcakes from Colorado Springs but her images are the perfect compliment to inspire Easter table stories…

A custom maple and bacon cupcake from Mya Bella paired with a melamine plate from The Mad Platter’s Etsy Store

That egg yolk yellow is a dead ringer for Pantone Solar Powered, and the relationship between the egg cupcake and bird melamine plate is tongue and cheek you can smack your lips over!

Eiffel Tower Cupcakes from Mya Bella with Rosanna Glass Coasters

I love serving a cupcake on a glass coaster in the center of a plain white dessert plate – tres chic!

Rosanna Chocolate Dessert Dishes with Mya Bella Cupcake

I dream in chocolate – and a place setting that combines Rosanna’s chocolate dessert plates with chic metallic pastry paint is a cupcake that is begging for a spot at my table.

Sea Life III plate – 1800s illustration by Ernst Haeckel, beside a Mya Bella cupcake sharing in a Pantone-Spring Pink color

Black and white is amongst the newest color trends and not easy to pull off on a cupcake – paired with Rosanna pastels that mimic Pantone’s 2012 Spring Colors, the playfulness and sophistication both shine!

Rosanna La Vie Boho Dessert Plates with unexpected cacao black cupcakes by Mya Bella

Butterflies signal the welcome return of warmer weather and herald the sweet end of Easter dinner, with just a touch of Cockatoo Blue.

cupcakes from Mya Bella meet cupcakes from TheMadPlatters Etsy Store

Cockatoo Blue is also the  stunning complement of Pantone Tangerine Tango, and a melamine map plate helps a younger guest find their way to that scrumptious cupcake in style!

A Maya Bella cupcake awaits its sweet ending on a melamine plate from TheMadPlatters Etsy Store

A very special thanks to MyaBella Cupcakes in Colorado Springs for lending me these image confections! If I am ever in Colorado Springs, no Mya Bella Cupcake will be safe!

image of Mya Bella Cupcakes provided by Alex Elliot, founder of MyaBella Cupcakes

For those of you who don’t have the magic pastry chef juju required to make cupcakes of this caliber, you are not alone – I  found this great flower pot cake at William Sonoma that does ship – if not Easter, a perfect Mother’s Day happy ending to make mom tear, and forget everything she’s been annoyed with this past year!

William Sonoma’s perfect endings cake – image from their website.

For those of you who would like to entertain with Rosanna tableware, just stop by!

Rosanna Tableware

So Many of you have read and written to me about this article, I am inserting a link to help you try your hand at home creating your own signature cupcakes, made simple for anyone.

This cook book makes cupcakes a breeze!