Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Touchstone; 10 ways to make it a Design Star!

Touchstone colors may be the toughest Pallet to envision in a stylish and livable space – but  ONLY if you are looking at it literally. This seems like the sort of pallet HGTV would hand contestants on Design Star, to separate the true Design Star from the hopefuls.

Pretend that you are a contestant on Design Star – here is your cheat-sheet of 1o ways to win, and make this imposing pallet not only work, but helps you to create a room that not only wins the challenge, but makes you a star!

Here, Pantone‘s conceptual thoughts form your challenge:

Pantone's conceptual thoughts on hue in the year to come - image from Pantone Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2112 - 2013

But you are allowed some pops of color – this is your chance to personalize this intimidating trend!

1) Use a deeper shade, as shown by Pantone above or in the master below as a back-drop for bright pops of color – yes, we all know this one….the winning edge comes from layering in the texture – lighting, walls moldings, and ceilings are all opportunities!

Canary yellow hits a fasetto high-note against tone-on-tone smokey Indigo - a winner for sure! image from

2) Adjust the saturation of your pallet to create dramatic focal points in the place of deep-toned walls with “Rich, earthy and deep mineral tones”. The textural mix is the icing on your winning cake!

Texture and deep color transform this fireplace from monolith to focal point. image from blog

3) Dark walls are just the unexpected application to turn up the volume even further on unique and unexpected furnishings. Pops of vivid color ensure that you won’t be the designer going home!

pops of color combined with unexpected furnishings make a bang against a backdrop of chocolate brown, creating a tree-house charm in this great kid or guest-friendly space - image from decor pad

4) Use the lightest tone from your Touchstone pallet on your walls, or a paint tinted with one of the deeper tones. Then add your pops of deep color via lighting and pillows and unite the accents with finishes. Below, the mix of reflective, transparent, lustrous, and metallic finishes balance the weight of deep color against light furnishing an pale hues to wow any judge – Design star or your best friends!

Color and finish unite this room, creating interest and elegance - image from

5) Incorporate those deep challenge colors in the forms of natural elements, like a focal wood wall, or rich leather focal furnishings that put you at the head of the pack in a cohesively styled space:

The modern wood focal wall supports the style of this winning space - image from Elle Decor Magazine

6) Take a page from a winning book! Create an un-design look by mixing elements that appear to belong in other living zones, in a space that is performing more than one utility.

form and function unite ironically but successfully in this winning kitchen design by Windsor Smith Design

7) Be a star by creating a symmetrical design with suggestions or vignettes of deepest tones (like picture frames), and reflective elements set on brightest white for a creative way out of a darker box.

Symetry and whitest white combine to accelerate deeper suggestions of color - image from jessicaclairesworld blog

8) Create winning drama on your sixth wall (the floor) with a graphic black and white patterned area rug, like this contemporary floral or a zebra print. Infuse your space with 2 0r 3 very bright elements that defy their monochrome environment.

Graphic pattern stand in stark contrast to graphite, lavender walls and announce the bright pops of magenta - image from decor pad

9) Don’t be sent home for a sloppy finish! The deep teal wall and painted Moroccan Rug set the stage for victory – but the window treatments will send you home! How about canvas panels with a wide loose-weave burlap hem? Budget friendly and ties in the rustic fireplace?

10) Pick one color, like this chocolate brown, and repeat it in hue, texture, finish, and multiplicity, to leave the judging eye no choice but to move all around the room as directed to take in your winning design story!

The repeated elements in one deep tone in multiple textures and finishes force the eye to move from floor to ceiling - image from blog

And the Design Star season 6 is……….!

Here are some treasure to help bring definition to the Touchtone room challenge:

Light woods combined with small applications of bright color create drama and dimension

Light woods combined with small applications of bright color create drama and dimension

If you need to use or re-purpose your own furnishings, create big color statements with accessories:

Brighten up those dark walls with Notneutral accents



The right lighting can't refrain from making a winning statement!