Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Submerge – 5 Ways To Make Dark Blue Work!

Pantone's Submerge Pallet - image from Pantone Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2112 - 2013

Submerge Pallet – image from Pantone Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2112 – 2013

The Pantone imagery and vision for “Submerge” are planet-centric concerns central to all of us – a call to stop turning away from obvious climate changes and the human consequences. As such, the pallet is justifiably sober. Deep blues are moody and amongst the most difficult colors to incorporate into interior design, particularly in active living zones. But like their environmental inspiration infers, good choices can overcome the challenges.

A deep pallet that works – so sorry! I am unsure on the credit – I think it’s Met Home or Elle Decor…

If you want to get wall color that really works, stick close to the source. I asked my Benjamin Moore dealer if they could mix Pantone standard colors. He said that it was not a frequent request, but yes he could. Print the image above, and feel free to challenge your paint dealer – or here are some HGTV colors available at Sherwin Williams that in combination with some suggestions below, should evoke the desired effect.

Meet the relatives – Suberge compatible shades by HGTV for Sherwin Williams.

In keeping with the “submerged” vision here are some successful design tips that meet all the watermarks of a deep colored room that works.

1. Lighting in a deep colored space is key! If you are using black or deep blue wall color, shoot for a room with Southern exposure with ample windows for natural light sources. Lacking this benefit, put your budget into installing energy efficient LED recessed ceiling lights. Be careful at big box stores – in 2 years, any other choice will be a thing of the past, and you will be stuck making adaptations. Green saves more than the planet!

2. Submerge incorporates one light color – a nod to hope if you will – that is an almond / canvas tone. Use light-colored floors and furnishings (as above) in equal parts with very dark wall colors. The result conveys deep rich color, expressed with balance.

Get twice the pop bright color by using them in combination with deep walls – the effect is all the drama – love the fuchsia logs! image from Domino Magazine.

3. In a space washed with deep blue, create depth by using another brighter shade of blue + bright white and THEN add bright pops of color, in the forms of wall art, decorative pillows, lighting and accents. This trick works on all deep color palettes. Fuchsia, tangerine or cadmium orange, canary yellow, and acid greens are all bright colors that work well with deep shades of blue.

A deep blue living room to die for from House Beautiful Magazine.

4. Crystal is a tool mightier than the sword or the pen when it comes to creating drama in combination with deeper shades of blue, purple, black or gray. I have used this image for reference before, and probably will again – Molly Sims Soho apartment is a jewel of design and utility in a small pace. It may have been reimagined since its feature in Southern Living magazine in 2007, but its timeless elegance and dramatic impact create an everlasting wow-factor with a prophetic nod to Pantone’s Submerge Pallet.

Molly Sims’ SoHo apartment, image from Southern Comfort Magazine 2007

5. Break up dark walls with art to adjust the color scheme. Yes, this can be done with your standard white-matted art wall with matching frames, but this is a fun, no-budget variation – bravo!

A small Bohemian bath design by Cath Kidston – image from Apartment Therapy

6. OK, I lied! The sixth – 1000th way to make any color scheme work – great accessories!

Deep Blue Ocean-themed Pillows by Designers Guild

Pillows in all tones of blue:

image of Bethel Crystal Chandelier

Crystal is enchanting in a deep blue room. 

Amy Butler Rugs in every blue

Decorate your floors in Bohemian, Traditional or a style or your own in the rich shades of blue with Amy Butler’s fabulous area rug collection:

Submerge in style this summer!

Living Room submerged in Blue –