Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Radiate

Radiate - image from Pantone Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2112 - 2013

Radiate is allot about the intense purple range, and mixing purples with the heat of colors like Carmine, Orange and a red that has oil painters know as a very transparent and unstable (meaning in oil paint form it’s prone to impermanence) color known as Madden Lake Rose.

Purples are the range that tend to be associated with adolescent or feminine spaces; a problem exacerbated by the addition of hot, bright shades, which all too often are also associated with a kids’ color pallet….but purple has been growing up in the new trends, over the past few years as evidenced across the span of visual media, in music videos, 

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Have you seen the first new Design Star 2011? There was quite allot of purple represented, in furnishings, walls and bold graphic fabric prints.

An HGTV Design Star contestant is wowed by a fabulously Radiate-friendly Clarence House Print. image from HGTV's website, copyright HGTV, a product of Scripps Television

image from HGTV's website, copyright HGTV, a product of Scripps Television

I am not bothering to use the Penthouse Great Room, which was also a grey-violet shade, because quite honestly, it did nothing for the space – nor will I make a redundant  comment on the height of the over-scaled “head board” , as our purpose here is color commentary. But as a neutral backdrop as used here, for a graphic infusion of layered pattern and color and pattern is a real home run.

Pantone's Radiate Color Group

This space interpreting only the muted purple rangereally works, because it is a consistent use, opening the space to elegant flow of color. image from Marttha Stewart Living

One way to achieve a sophisticated design with Pantone’s Radiate Color group is to escape the adolescent look associated with purple-gone-wild by isolating the tones muted with grey (as shown in the pallet above) and utilize these shades as your overall wall color.

Another option is focal using your favorite purple as a focal wall color, and then adding pops of the hot colors to

a) limit color saturation

b) maintain a light and bright feeling without overdosing on color.

Since we are on the topic of HGTV, here is a fantastic use of focal golor by designer Candice Olson. image from

The image above is not a precise use of the Pantone Radiate pallet, but a great personalization of the Radiate effect – remember, precise duplication of any color trend or pallet leaves out the you in your space!

Here are a few ways to get the feel of Pantone’s Radiate Color Group in your space:

Focal Wall Color:

Purple Focal Wall colors from Sherwin Williams HGTV paint collection

Graphic prints by way of Area Rugs and Pillows; some of which can be had for great prices as Fall’s retail season fast approaches, and clearance on hot summer accents is already well under way:

The color and alligator cut pile of this Designers Guild Rug are hot trends for 2012, and 30% off at

Designers Guild Battista Purple Throw

Designers Guild Orangie Pillow at

A Design Legacy Pillow with a fresh complimentary color scheme of purple and orange, from