Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Peripheral

I had an immediate connection to the colors of Pantone’s Peripheral Color Pallet, but could not put my finger on just what about this color group was so captivating

I am a perennial fan of the unexpected; could it be that a trend focusing on Spring color in the dead zone of winter appeals my appreciation of the irreverent? Could it simply be that after Fall’s final gasp of  color, the idea of relief from six months inglorious gray spectrum faced by we in the North East? While it’s fair to note that gray is another hot 2012 / 2013 Pantone color trend, I appreciate it far more on walls than blanketing the world at large.

Bohemian Eater Eggs, ala Martha Stewart Living

The answer came to me in after-thought of a statement I made in my haste to bring you all that new color trend information…  “Luminous, passionate pastels, in intriguing hues combinations – not your Easter basket pastels!” …I was laying in bed next morning and thought of Martha Stewart, and my mother – Easter eggs of the sort I grew up with. Beautifully died eggs with that cast of gray that is developed when different layers of food dyes are applied to still warm eggs in layers.

The gray is key to the Pantone Peripheral Color Pallet it is Spring color, translated into winter by adding a cast of gray – blending Winter and Spring to get the best of both worlds! Perhaps this concept is what inspired the pallet I chose for the basement / family room remodel I am working on – I happy to see that I was coincidentally on  threshold of a fresh new look!

But this trend is not just unique in its seasonal flexibility – color is just 50% of the trend. The other intriguing aspect of this trend is folded texture. Origami texture in combination with greyed Spring color for Fall/ Winter application creates a platform of sophistication to develop some really unique style!






There are tons of ways to invite Pantone Peripheral colors into your space:

These Fair Trade Silk Pillows have folds, color, and fair trade appeal!

Pillows are always a the best way to introduce easy-change color! I wish I had better images of these pillows – the sides look like origami sculpture, and the silk has an opulant luster that changes color a little as you walk by!

Wall Color: The HGTV paint collections, sold at Sherwin Williams have a bit of black in many of the colors, providing shades that don’t scream on walls. Their big hook is that all shades correspond and coordinate with each other, which they do, but don’t forget to get an ample sample test up on your walls – color is as much if not more about its environment that color shade.

The Pizazz Paint Collection at Sherwin Williams by HGTV – image copyright Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore’s Preservation Pallet also has some Peripheral-Friendly Shades, and its nearly -0- VOC paint is the best value on the market

The “Protection” Color Pallet from Benjamin Moore’s Preservation Color Groups

Add some of the gorgeous Peripheral colors and texture to your kitchen or office command center with some great stick pins from Etsy:

Push Pins, Vintage Paper, Handmade Set of Three Small Flowers - Pink, Pretty, Tack, Cute, Tiny, Mini, Antique Paper, Work, Text, Writing

Try out some sculptural folded lighting from Blake & Grace: