Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Composed

The Composed Color Group – image from Pantone’s color forecast for Fall / Winter 2012 / 2013

As to meaning, COMPOSE is one of the more versatile verbs in the English language. There are 11 uses of Compose as a verb, but here are some that fit our purpose:

  1. Art . to organize the parts or elements of (a picture or the like).
  2. to create (a musical, literary, or choreographic work).
  3. to bring (oneself, one’s mind, etc.) to a condition of calmness, repose, etc.; calm; quiet.
  4. to engage in composition, especially musical composition.
  5. to enter into composition; fall into an arrangement: a scene that composes well.

I’m beginning to feel this – Feel free to enjoy some mood music while taking in Pantone’s Compose color pallet with Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: Winter, at the very Compose Color inspired Venetian Carnival)

Cloud Mural – muralsandfauxblogspot

Composed are colors intended to emulate that trendy color fade effect that has become the latest trend staple in fashion and home accessories.Let’s look at how get the look by layering effects.

If you have some painting experience under your belt, make this trend come alive by using it as a back drop on walls.

There are a couple of ways to do this, and I am not advocating sponge painting!!! Here are some more progressive options:

You will find directions for this gorgeous cloud mural (above) at:

There are allot of faux-fade techniques but here is my favorite:

A stipled wall from Recipes For Surfaces, Decorative Paint Finishes Made Simple by Mindy Drucker and Pierre Finkelstein

Gray is hot for the next few seasons, and this faded wall accented with buttery yellow is gorgeous! You can get the book at:  I recommend a used copy; this is really the one pearl in this book…and please don’t sponge! If you want an overall texture, get the recipe and replace the sponge with dry cleaning bags – it’s inexpensive and anti-80’s, creating a subtle faux Venetian plaster effect.

If you love to paint but don’t have time for the project scope of faux paint, remember that floors are your 6th wall. Painted floors are a budget-friendly way to create unexpected elegance, warmth, and finesse a floor that has seen better days!

Gaps in floor and seasonal rooms create texture and warmth combined with a simple striped painted floor treatment – image via

If you have never really painted, and find the concept intimidating, here are some paint-free alternatives to capturing the comfortable and casual elegance of the Compose Pallet at home:

Texture and fading bring out the best in each other! image from

Poufs, area rugs, decorative pillows, and throws can be layered in to a look with Compose fading colors to compose a symphony of calming washed-tones and soothing texture. But if like the princess and the pea, you find little calm in folds of textured surfaces, there are soothing ways to create the Compose look.

All the texture, but baby soft under foot! Surya Area Rug and stunning Ro-Sham-Beaux Pendant

Layers of light:

Light changes in the evening – the layer fade looks beautiful! Shiner Lighting Pendant from shiner international

Some types of lighting sparkle during the day, and others add the drama in the evening – but you don’t need to corner-hang. Mount a rectangular mirror horizontally at pendant height, and watch the show!

Merben oPillows and Throws capture both texture and those unusual cranberry and turquoise shades. Products from

Once again, pillows and throws are color mechanisms for capturing distinct and unusual color pallets.

Design Legacy pillows

Elegant nonchalance is simple to achieve, and easy to live with, too!