Pantone Color Trends 2012 / 2013 – Aperture

Aperture Pallet – image from Pantone Color Trends for Fall-Winter 2012 – 2013

Hmmm…I close my eyes and picture being at the helm of Pantone whose influence on color trends spans the planet and is the gold standard for print and fashion industries world-wide. I am pitching concepts for trends-to-be, two years before what the public sees as their inception –

aperture (ˈæpətʃə)
1. a hole, gap, crack, slit, or other opening
2. physics
a.a usually circular and often variable opening in an optical instrument or device that controls the quantity of radiation entering or leaving it
b.See also relative aperture the diameter of such an opening
   Not feeling it yet – but the concept is rescued by the latin root:
 [C15: from Late Latin apertūra opening, from Latin aperīre to open]

Aspiring to open…I like it! Isn’t that what all design is about? I propose opening to embrace your true comfort zone, even if that is not vivid color.

Rather than contort your aesthetic to challenge your comfort zone, Arperture provides some sophisticated options that invites you to embrace a neutral pallet to differentiate your space.

Gray is hot this year – combine it with natural motifs and texture and the result is anything but lack-luster

Neutral design need not be boring, or colorless. It takes a great deal more skill as a designer to create something eye-catching without the use of strong color call-outs.

Focal points are not always based on color. This and next years’ trends provide us with great tools.  Folded and sculptural shape, intriguing texture, luminous finishes, and an emphasis on nature inspired motifs such as feathers create opportunities for focal statement that transcend even reliance on color. I say, go for it!

White Feather Lamp from MyHomeFaceLift by Grace & Blake







Walls lay a neutral foundation, and wallpaper provides instant depth and is unmatched for interest on walls.

If Graham and Brown is not in your budget, HGTV offers Livable Luxe paint collection (available at Sherwin Williams). The Collection is an expanded variation of the monochrome Aperture Colors, with a Bohemian twist:

Livable Luxe Paint Collection by HGTV for Sherwin Williams. image Copyright Sherwin Williams

Livable Luxe Paint Collection inspirations by HGTV for Sherwin Williams. image Copyright Sherwin Williams

or, the The Historical Color pallet that begs the chicken or the egg question by Benjamin Moore:

The expanded pallet includes all the Aperture Colors, their sisters, brothers, and distant cousins and I have been using these in contrast to brighter colors for 15 years. I love BM paint.

Wood becomes Leonardo’s brush in neutral design, and its potential is frequently over-looked. Floors, walls and blending of style are just a few uses of this versatile design staple.

Wood can make a neutral yet distinctive statement, on both floors and walls – image from Hose of Turquoise Blog

Cow rugs bring a real richness to any space, and finessing a neutral space with a cow rug with metallic accents can be fun and unexpected in a neutral decor.

Natural elements and complex textures combined with lighting make instant focal points

Lighting with texture from Ro Sham Beaux

Accents make or break any look, in any style. Design Gestalt transcends color – the sum of the parts is greater than the whole, in any great design – neutral or not!

A show-stopping space can be achieved with completely neutral accessories – really!