The Pantone Universe of Colors – Neutral Colors Define!

Pantone Companion Color Palette – image from Pantone’s Color View Planner 2013 – Unity & Co

This is not a test to discover whether you read the whole Pantone Color View Planner from Tuesday’s post – in fact it’s just the opposite of knowing and following the convention. The egg theme is in fact related to Co-ntain colors. But I saw some  holes in that palette for universal application, so I am combining their use.

Neutrals don’t need to be dull – there is just allot to know to capture their full potential – and Color Trends are not decorating canons. Departure from specific looks and ideas is at the foundation of taking generic trends to signature statements that speak to your unique aesthetic. You may consider it an irony to think about differentiating your unique style by using bandwagon trends engineered to draw mass appeal – time to fine tune your thinking about trends – and neutrals! Consider the source:

Color trends are the culmination of gurus who eat, sleep and breath color and style. By most accounts there are some 10,000,000 colors (more in a PC screen setting). These specialists have narrowed the selections down to a mere few dozen that coordinate seamlessly and are up to date. If you have ever stood like a deer in headlights at the wall of paint chips at any big box store, you can appreciate the value of trends as a tool to begin!

From an esoteric perspective, Pantone’s vision of Contain colors is about working rugged blues and the comfort driven complex and interesting Terra inspired neutral colors. The umbrella planner concept is about community and co-mingling. It is just a natural extension to colors inspired by Terra-firm with colors of natural shades of egg shells – and they was a huge emphasis on both the crumpled texture and colors of egg shells introduced in the webinar.

image from Pantone Unity & Co. 2013 Color Planner Webinar

Now let’s re-think your impressions of “egg shell”. When I think of egg shell, it never fails to invoke the color palette of the unique vision coined by Marta Stewart of the elegant and versatile colors of domestic chicken and quail eggs – not just your grocer’s static brown and white!

Shades drawn by color sampling from eggs produced by a variety of chicken species – the egg image (left) is from

These complex natural shades bear great resemblance to the shades of both of Pantone’s Co- 2013 palettes, less the blue or pink tones. This small adjustment creates solutions and amazing potential for two convergent approaches to color, layered on intriguing and complex neutral palettes (as opposed to contractor’s antique white). For many (specifically people who have families or relationships) pink is a hard sell in shared living zones – but blues are pretty androgynous (another theme of this year’s fashion palettes). Your neutral canvas, which is already peppered with flexible interest is ready to takes its defining queue from one of two color groups: The Pale Pink of Co-ntain or the “clean and robust work blues” of Co-mpanion. You can then finesse your look with texture, pattern and metallic intrigue.

Blues and egg-tones with chunky plaid – House To Home UK

The working blues, chunky plaids and eggshell tones of 2013 finished with frosted whites and creams.

Soft-aqua Egg shell shades mixed with browns- Living-room-modern-LivingetcUK

The colors of Araucana chickens – Wiki image

The room above takes its inspiration from the Pantone’s Companion Palette – it shares the grey-green and warm wood Araucana Chicken egg colors of that characterize Companion colors. The gold gilt frame contributes a metallic panache to this gorgeous palette, inclusive of the rustic cowhide rug.

working blues – a casual living room from House To Home UK

We will be going more into depth about chartreuse, but it is a hot look and a little goes a long way beside indigo, an egg shell palette, and a dash of metallic spark.

Working blues with a chartreuse shot in the arm – House To Home UK

Denim is a durable and comfortable surface – and the lamp shade blends style with comfort creating a low cost focal point with just an attractive and accessible touch of pink.

While as stated, palest pink can be a hard sell in communal living zones, and is associated with bedroom and baby colors – but egg combined with egg tones and some metallic, they metallic can offer sophistication and allure, that are best kept out of reach of kid and pet traffic!

A Pale pink and egg shell toned living room – House To Home UK

Remember – memorable neutrals: Pattern, Interest, Metallics, Texture!

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