Pantone 2012 Color Trends – Taming Tangerine Tango

Pantone Color of The Year, Tangerine Tango

A new year of color is at hand. For many of you, defining your space is over-complicated by the fact of trends, and by the feeling (and rightly so), that time is a limited commodity. While you may love design, it is only the hard-core DIY enthusiasts that relish the opportunity to re-do it again and again. Clearly, we are not well….but these thoughts are meant for those who wish to expedite decisions about applying color trends, and get it right the first time.

The first step in getting any look is to place yourself on the scale of color comfort. Generally speaking, the rule of opportunity for color in any stadard space is 60/30/10 – 60% of the opportunity to apply color being given over to the walls, 30% color opportunity vested in furnishings and 10% of color dedicated to accents. This is not a gospel interpretation but rather a loose structure upon which to base your color comfort zone.

Truth be told, the opportunity exists to saturate the room of your choice in 100% color

 or feel the heat at 60% color (the space that 4 of your six walls occupy in a standard room), courtesy of richly colored walls,

Walls decked out in Pantone

maybe just dip your toes into these uncharted waters at the 10%