Painting Trends 2012 – Not so New!

Great Vignette from Elle Decor

There’s always someone to offer a new lens through which we tend to view that which has stood the test of time as new – classics are the primordial design soup that generates “new” trends.

brass reinvented with a modern shade and distressed finish

Interior Design trends are reinvented every few decades. Today I stopped by a big-box store for painting supplies, and low and behold, I met the brass fixtures of the ’70’s – 80’s reinvented. The 80’s was such an abyssal decor decade that many design enthusiasts still won’t utter the word “brass” in public forums – but once upon a time, it was a hot trend for a reason…good design happens n every era, beside that which we long to forget.

But if you are looking for color inspiration, try your own proverbial back yard. As Dorothy discovered over the rainbow, there’s no place like home.

You chose your dwelling for a reason. As any real estate agent can attest, committing to the what is for most of us the largest single purchase of our lives begins with an emotional connection. It’s that indefinable something that evokes the impression of home and hearth where other dwellings are just walls.

Look for inspiration in the period of your architecture. If you responded to it enough to pay on it for 30 years, or hand a land lord 30% or more of your income each month, chances are you will respond to color groups relating to the period of your architecture.

Allot of paint companies offer historical paint collections, but California Paints has refined these period collections to specific eras in design – do some of these look familiar heal beside current trends?

California Paints has captured the best that each design era has had to offer.

Arts & Crafts inspired colors:

Arts & Crafts inspired living room from

Arts & Crafts Paints by California Paint

Art Deco inspired Colors:

Art Deco Inspired Living Room – image from Design Shuffle

1920-1940 art deco art – modern colors – California Paint Website

Mid-Century Modern inspired palettes:

Mid-Century Modern Study – Griffin Enright Architects (Left) and a Mid-Century inspired living room – image from Apartment Therapy

1940-1960 Mid-Century Modern colors

…and the post modern colors popularized between 1960 and 1980:

An eclectic post-modern space – homeklondikecom

1960-1980 post modern colors

So as you gear up for Fall, and holiday entertaining, try looking no further than what inspired you to choose your space to begin with – trust your gut!

California paints offers the color story of each and every color shown above – find your inspiration in the history of your architecture:

Pillows are the easiest way to support a period-vibe:

Get the Arts & Crafts Look with Trina Turk

An Art Deco inspired theme from Design Legacy

Emma Gardner captures mid-century flavor for color and pattern!


Anything goes for post-modern, but the best of the ’70’s – today are blended in Designers Guild stunning array of colors and sumptuous fabrics

So pick a period and GET COLOR!