NYIGF – On The Bright Side

After much ado, and technical difficulties here are some Fall Highlights from NYIGF, which include some fun new items to look forward to on www.myhomefacelift.com this Fall.

Designer Mariska Meijers (right) and Eva Uribe Roepers of inter decorations who promotes her line

Dutch Designer Mariksa Meijers (above) has amongst the happiest lines I saw – the collection is vivid and the designs are graphic prints that seem strongly influenced by folk patterns.  She explains, “I stir a cocktail of objects, patterns and colours in my thoughts which I translate straight on to my canvas. Accuracy is never achieved in my paintings and rarely even attempted. In stead I keep a free interpretation of the objects through emphasis on colour and pattern.”

The result is happy and unassuming in any decor!

Mariska's Pillow Designs

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows in vivid shades in fun graphic applications were the rule, rather than the exception.

Trina Turk’s Collection dazzled with color, and embroidered embellishment:

Trina Turk Pilliws

Discovering new lines is more than half the fun, and Dana Gibson’s lamps and pillows were a treat for the eyes and destined for our virtual shelves this Fall!

Dana Gibson Ikat Pillow


Dana Gibson Pillow

Dana Gibson Pink Alligator Lamp!

Kiku Glass is another new-comer to NYIGF, that you had to be determined to find, but it was well worth the aching feet…

A few of Kiku's hip and fun glass offerings

Laurie Freivogel of Kiku Glass

Other glass sparkling finds include sky scraper bottles!

skyscraper bottles

One of our favorite suppliers in Merben. They are impeccably handmade from the best materials are are such a great value per design dollar at great prices! Merben had some great new offerings to show:

Merben Wool pom-pom rug

Some of you may remember seeing a full scale rug like this via Anthropologie. This rug is only 2×3, but hook a few together and you create a fabulous runner or apartment sized rug!

Merben Pillows

The new Pillows have a distinctly handmade flavor, and do double duty is sprucing up neutral accents with color and texture, too.

Red Egg is as cool as their name, offering a kadre of Asian influence accent furnishings that can’t fail to return a smile or brighten a room:

A sweet red egg side table


Red Egg Chair

More tomorrow in best of show lighting!