NYIGF – Best of Show!

I found my inspiration for the color pallette for my family room at sunset at the Jersey Shore!

What does The Jersey Shore have to do with the NYIGF?

At The New York International Gift Fair, there’s always much to see and more to tell. So this year, I have decided to relate the year’s best of show by color pallet.

My Jersey Shore-Inspired Color Pallet

Before hitting the show, I stopped at the Jersey Shore for some much-needed pre-show R&R. Thankfully I missed the drama of the infamous reality show – what I found instead was a full moon over in-coming tide, reflecting uncanny pinks, teals, blue, siler, lavender and lemony yellows in the most delicious symphony of color I have seen in some time!

Fairewell to The Jersey Shore and on to NYIGF!

The pallet was so inspiring, I decided to double action by taking home the color inspiration for my in-progress family room and to keep an eye to bringing home some of this beautiful color pallet for new product you can all enjoy on www.MyHomeFaceLift.com .

For those unacquainted, NYIGF is a combined 1 million square feet  of 79,000 suppliers, held bi-annually at the Javitts Center and Piers 92 and 94 for the retail trade, who clamor to get what is hot on their shelves for Fall and Christmas. This year’s show marked the effects of a challenged economy, with the conspicuous absence of some very large and high profile design sources – but many old and new faces were on hand to fill the void.

Moss Studios Raw Glass Lamp

Every room needs something unexpected with a pop of color that relates to, but departs from your color inspiration. Moss Studios offered fabulous industrial chic lighting, which we will welcome on board this September – like this aqua sea-inspired raw glass lamp!

Wood-grained, died cut-velvet velvet pillow by Kevin Obrien Studios

This amazing wood grained pillow is just one of  Kevin O’Brien Studios amazing died velvet pillow collection, and is a must-have for both home and MyHomeFaceLift!

The collection includes color fade velvets, so popular in the 2012 summer color trends and coming Fall color trends. Hot colors include silver-grey and yellow, but this silver-lilac is my own take on personalizing the trends!

Kevin O'Brien fading velvet pillows remind me of sunset of the water

Wall art is an area I am determined to fill out on MyHomeFaceLift, and these gorgeous skies are sweet addition to my target pallet…

Abstract framed sea and sky prints

These abstract sea and sky prints are more literal than my usual take on an inspiration, but they capture the feel of the color pallet so completely that I may just make an exception! Speaking of literal….

Lazy Susan mussel shell lamp

Ok, now I am teetering on the jagged edge of hypocrisy – I am THE FIRST to say that a theme should not be a theme park! A sea shell lamp could not be more of a literal interpretation, but I simply can’t help this guilty indulgence. Lazy Susan always has some crisp bold statements in portable lighting to offer, and this lamp is a dead ringer for color, and offers texture, interest and a perfectly simpatico drum shade – all at a great price. I see this coming to MyHomeFaceLift, and my Family Room Facelift. too!

If the budget for those vacant walls doesn’t support framed art (which it may not when I am finished with lighting) this novel approach to keeping time completes the color pallet and offers both utility and style – the dynamic duo of great design:

This color pallet is whatever you make it! The cool lines of the projector make it a style addition to any side table or mantle, and simple interchangeable color transparencies complete your palett in the blink of an eye!

Much more to tomorrow…