NYIGF 2011 – The New Neutrals

I love Tara Shaw! At NYIGF many of the booths are as exciting as the product. They are temporary environments that are engineered for impact and instant drama. Brown is big for fall 2011, and this dark cacao wall color creates the shining moment for this one-of-a-kind antique desk. The addition of the swiss floor clock is the foam on the steaming cup of cappuccino!

Swiis Clock Reproduction

I tell anyone who cares to listen that neutrals are capable of creating show-stopping design. If you are really uncomfortable with bright color, or you really don’t respond to it, this is not a pronouncement on your eye for style – it’s just who you are. Great design is the ability to be you and convey it effectively.

Like this lamp by Bungalow 5 – before you try to jump on this, you can’t get this exact piece (I tried, someone beat me to it!) But you can get one of equal style – each is different. These lamps are created using antique wall paper and embellished with small industrial hardware pieces! I love industrial chic…

Nancy Price Collection by Design Legacy

Many of you have purchased Design Legacy Pillows from MyHomeFaceLift.com, and for those of you familiar with its graphic and unrestrained take on Bohemian Design, the addition of the new collection by interior designer Nancy Price is a huge departure.

You can bet that you will be seeing some of Nancy’s Collections for Fall on www.MyHomeFaceLift.com – if you you are a lover of neutral sophistication you can get a the flavor for her urban chic style, punctuated by rich organic mushroom and wood tones, and white-washed ocean tones accented with deep sea teals, by checking out her website: http://www.nancypriceinteriors.com/residential_galleries.html

NYIGF had new takes on neutrals to offer as well. I love capiz shell lighting and thought I had seen it all done before – but check out this alligator capiz lighting pendant!

It also comes in a flush mount fixture, which is fabulous, because if you have ever searched for a stylish flush-mount you can relate to how difficult they are to find!

Design Legacy Mineral Accent

Other neutral highlights included some great accents.

Avoiding chachkas is one of my design paradigms in considering any space. Beautiful earth-made minerals are one way of layering in sparkle and textural interest without creating visual clutter.

beaded table runner





Beaded table runners are another great accent that doesn’t take up visual space, and add color and texture in welcome doses!

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at the brighter pops of color from the show, and some new 2012 color trends and surprises from Pantone!