New York Gift – Part 1

Stupid if cool vintage pumps to wear to the NYIGF

Just back from New York Gift. NYIGF (The New York International Gift Fair) convenes twice a year; occupying the The Jacob Javitts Convention Center on West 34th Street in Manhattan as well as Pier 92 and Pier 94, providing display space for over 80,000 suppliers of the products you will fall in love with on retail shelves this fall. The show is spread across some 1,250,000 square feet of walking on concrete….some people never learn! At least my vintage pumps are low heeled!

Every square foot of the show sparkles with the latest and greatest trends in Home Decor, accent furnishings, lighting, and more! The general public can’t attend NYIGF; it’s venues are limited to store buyers and the ID trades – but you can get a glimpse all week as my guest. I can’t show you the whole thing; it’s not even possible! But I can share some resource home trend high points of the show, so you have some stylish trend notes for your Fall wish list.

In addition to the designs, many of the designers themselves are on site, adding to the sparkle of the show and I can’t resist getting and sharing some talking points for their inspirations this week.

I love mixing pattern and color – let’s imagine the begin by combining some of the show highlights to create an imaginary dream space that begins with the cut paper pop-up art of artist Jurianne Matter who traveled from the Netherlands to meet and greet with her designs at New York Gift. Jurianne was so kind as to provide me with a photo op for her and her work. I fell in love with her faintly forties palette that is as lovely as the designer!

Paper Artist Jurianne Matter – taken at NYIG Aug 2012

I was drawn to not just the colors but to the frank simplicity and geometry with a touch of whimsy, and the depth created by the dimensionality of the pop-up cut paper.

Bloms Color Palette created using Sherwin Williams Chip it! tool for color that you can take home.

The design themselves have a great linear composition that effectively utilizes the negative space, lending a chic at a glance vibe to an apartment sized living room where you may be limited in wall color selection by your land lord’s preferences, or any entry or foyer.

pop up land scape- Jurianne Matter

When you walk up and take a closer look  the fun and precision become apparent…

Detail from Jurianne Matter’s pop-up landscape

Detail from Jurianne’s pop up fish poster

Jurianne Matter’s wall art in an airy and sophisticated living space.

Her line included some sweet paper lanterns and “Bloms” (dutch for blooms) that lend themselves to holidays, fanciful table stories, summer garden parties, and as inspiration for decorating themed cookies at Christmas parties, which I am going to make a point of trying!

Bloms on sticks for cupcakes

Paper lanterns – Jurianne Matters

Jurianne  was with a group of artists representing their works from the Netherlands.

Carola Zee is a talented ceramicist from the Netherlands and also as lovely as her sweet chalky palette, to add a table story to our room fancy…..

Artist Christina Zee NYIGF Aug 2012

Carola indulged me with not only a photo opportunity,

Carola Zee Cups and Gelato spoons

but also with the gift of one of her “unique cups”, that features a thumb print indentation that not only insulates my hand while keeping my cappuccino at its piping hot prime temperature but is also surprisingly comfortable to hold in addition to its beautiful shape and soft color!

This chalky color palette can be mixed with Annie Sloan chalk paints to add up-cycled accents accents to pick up on Carola’s gorgeous colorways to your design!

Carola’s airy-fairy pastels are balanced by sophisticated shapes, themed cultural inflections influenced by world travel and perfectly articulated infusions of texture….

Her two studios are studies in Zen with a little something extra that just works!

pics of Carola’s Studio in Jingdezhen and aspects of her ceramic lines – image from her website.

The perfect accent that springs to mind for sadding that over the top additional tweak of whimsical ambiance has to be Anna’s Candles, which are not new to New York Gift, but rather a reaffirmation of something that I never fail to love again – every time I see them I envision a new use!

Indeed Anna Design‘s striped tapers have been around since 1994, and their signature remains faithful to the stripe design they created. The original striped taper was designed by the company’s founder Frank Weeden and was the first of its kind. These tapers stand at an impressive 14” height, and are available in many colorways that seem made to go with the simple, eye catching designs from the Netherlands.

A great design plan is nothing until you light it up. Lighting is your design’s jewelry and for these elements I would have to choose Sklo’s Twisted wrap pendant light from the many fabulous options I encountered….

Sklo Wrap Pendant NYIG Aug 2012

The clean modern lines would look gorgeous above the table story and lighting the pop-up paper wall art!

So much more to come…stay tuned!