New York Gift – Natural Design

An 8 foot Moss Display at Pier 94 at NYIGF

Natural Design was prominent in NYIGF and in Manhattan retail displays at large. If you are only just tuning in to Re-Do it Design, welcome and I’ll catch you up quickly before barreling ahead. I just came back of the Fall increment of the New York Gift Fair, which is open to retail buyers and the trades twice per year. There is tones to talk about, so let’s plow on…

Natural Design is everywhere and represents a tour de force in home decor trends for 2012.Nature is taken to new level is every aspect of home, but this is not your hunting lodge rustic (I am picturing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast singing, ” I use antlers in all of my dec-or-ating…”). But like Belle and her beast, in Fall 2012 opposites attract to create unexpected majesty combined with sheer comfort reminiscent of all aspects of natural design – and it all flows together senselessly…..Let’s create a dream nature space and see…

Pink sand-blasted Glass Antlers from Grace & Blake

These new sand-blasted pink glass antlers are enough convincing for me to use antlers in all my decorating! Glowing and almost ghostly against their black painted background, I have to say that this new introduction by Blake and Grace had me at Hello, as did their effective display which stood out as one of the best new introductions at NYIGF.

Furniture offerings at New York Gift span the gamut between French, Contemporary and span the poles between roughly hewn hand-scraped wood with carved adornments to combinations between acrylic and hides or burlaps.


Man-made, nature inspired – I loved the barely emergent trend of milky crystal I saw on the New Your Gift Show Floors…

A Milky Crystal teaser from Chandi Lighting – more to come!

Here is the Bliss Studio French book case at the show, decked out in mineral and natural design accents.

Bliss Studio French book shelf with display

This Ralph Lauren armchair was was not at The New York Gift Fair, but is new for Fall at ABC Carpet’s Home store on Broadway in Manhattan…you can never get enough seating :-) I’ll take a pair….

Ralph Lauren Wing chair from ABC Home

Fabrics for Fall are burlaps, unbleached canvas, and knobbly cottons. This Zentique accent chair will make a fantastic reading nook in our nature inspired retreat. Classy but casual, this accent chair holds its own in knobbly mustard cotton twill and silky-smooth lines that stand in sharp relief to the unfinished wood detail.

Mustard chair from Zentique with fabulous lines

This chandelier from Treeter and Feefer picks up on the lines and natural design suggested by the Zentique chair (above)

Tritter and Feefer chandelier with iron branch and mineral slice details

What better sofa for our natural design theme than this cozy eye-catcher from Zentique – I love the gray, the frayed cushions, and it could not have been comfier to sink into after all the carpet on concrete!

Zentique Sofa

Add some natural design and style to our nature dream room with Natural Curiosities wall assemblages of gorgeous cherry branches against crisp blue spring sky….

Multi photo assemblage from Natural Curiosities

Let’s pick up that pink in our wall art and antlers and try a stylish floor addition that finds its roots in nature but it’s unexpected infusion of Glam from Saddleman’s!

Saddleman’s glamorous hides come in a myriad of metallics that blend nature with Glam, like this pinky-purple Fuchsia

And if you want accents to finish oit off, turn once again to nature who was enjoying her moment in the sun at nearly every display, like these strung glass beads (that I saw amidst several displays at the show) displayed with sea urchins – gorgeous color palette!

Teal Glass bead and sea urchin display from Bliss Studio

Wait…we’re not finished yet. An unexpected accent piece never goes amiss…

Tritter Feefer acrylic and Glass Stool

We may need some additional storage and this Bungalow Five side table fits the bill with natural design friendly branch handles and clean complementary glossy enameled surface.

Bungalow 5 storage side table

and speaking of Bungalow 5 – hands down most beautiful table lamp….

Bungalow 5 Table lamp

Bungalow 5 Table Lamp close up


Much more to come, but have a look at some of the nature-inspired displays coming out of ABC Home! For that Natural display to bring the outdoors in, I saw items of choice tended toward smoke bush branches, begonias, and succulents for display design, both on the New York Gift Floor and about Broadway….

Display from ABC Home Store

Display from ABC Home

Display from ABC Home

Stay tuned for some animal magnetism….