New! Pantone Color Trends Twists, Turns and Trends 2012


image by Pantone

As promised, I just got off of Pantone’s Color Trends twists, turns and trend 2012 webinar, expanding on the use and intentions driving the new trends for 2012 and beyond. I was delighted that much of what was discussed, has been being talked about at Re-Do it Design for the past couple of weeks, and that not allot of what is “new” has fallen through the cracks of discussion – except for mushrooms! Here are the highlights, mushrooms notwithstanding:

The trends for 2012 are carry-overs, evolved from a culmination of 2010 and 2011 us to move forward while cloaked in the comfort of what is familiar, amidst a troubled and complex economy. Pantone Fuchsia remains the center of that security, chosen as Pantone puts it “because we felt that people needed a pick me up”. Pantone’s intention is to create a color road map; an invitation, whose foundation rests on the continuity of classic color that conveys comfort and ease.

Design is finally turning away from strictly modern style to combine streamlined Modern function with less urban style – image by PantoneA feeling of casual and rural in spirit, if not location specific – the prevailing interior theme is less urban, perhaps in reaction to that fast-moving constant urgency of urban life style. Wood, clay, glass and “soul” are at the core of materials conveying this stepped-down pace and lifestyle,  Organic elegance combined with the unexpected – a winner! Image by Pantone

manifest in products utilizing reinvented, recycled, and re-used materials (that home-grown less cluttered Bohemian style we have been discussing).

Organization is key, and art is at the heart of product design for kitchen and storage options; again to streamline and simplify every day living; perhaps as a lifestyle antidote in the face of the demands of a fast paced work place that so frequently transitions to our homes after hours. Graffiti as an art form is being reinvented; it is an interesting departure the ‘80’s urban images rendered in subways by fugitive artist Keith Haring, whose iconic urban-esque pop imagery was expressed in the logo language of way finding. Today’s Graffiti is grounded in realistic portrayals of common woodland creatures, reinforcing a lifestyle turning away from urban excesses to a greener approach to day to day living.

We see it in food and art which brings to yes, Mushrooms –

Mushrooms! I liked birds as a trend better….

shown by pantone in quirky cermic product, and  forms of moss mushroom forms wrapped in chicken wire adorned minimally with dried violets – Not sure I am on board with the mushroom thing…

Wayne Thiebaud’s scrumptious Pastry Paintings – image from Pantone Webinar

Another significant design trend is seen is the relationship between food and art.  Wayne Thiebaud’s iconic pastry and candy paintings which occupy a well-worn spot in my reference library came up in the webinar.

Food as inspiration – there always room for Jello! image from Pantone Webinar

Jellies, molded jello as art – food is big, and colors are key!

Of the Trends:

Comic book colors and neon effects combine with black as attention getters in wall color and furnishings.

Trash Chic = Bohemian Green – image from Pantone Webinar

Metallics are big – driven by the influence of the auto industry Stripes are being reinvented, used on everything from kitchen wares to toilet paper.

The auto industry influences housewares, and stripes pose with whimsy on an auto! Pantone Webinar Image

Organic simplicity and innovative design combined with whimsy drive home accent furnishing and case goods. Nonchalance, with its care-free bay blanket style and taupes dominate fashion and many fabrics.

Pantone Nonchalance Pallet – image by Pantone

Subtleties conveys the paradigm of an effortless lifestyle.

Pantone Subtleties 2012 Color Pallet – image by Pantone

Resilience with its hand hewn honesty, and green-centric organic colors find its glamour in a dash of Orange Flamingo.

Pantone Indigo Effects Color Pallet – image by Pantone

Indigo effects and Transcending find peace and refection in dimensional blues tinged with the colors of twilight, and Deep scarlet hues given dimensionality by subtle shades of rose and a deep purple hue.

Back to fuchsia makes no excuses, offering courageous color relating to the opulence, playfulness, and sense of frivolity.

Pantone Back To Fuchsia Pallet – image by Pantone

Reflections spark the imaginations, silver and gold metallics are very persuasive trends in accessories.

Metallic influence on home and housewares is on the rise – image by Pantone

Not phosphorescence of yesterday, Neon Nouveau’s electric tones are grounded in crisp chardonnay and emboldened in combination with black accessories.

Pantone Nouveau Neon Pallet 2012 – image from Pantone Webinar

Comics are here to make us smile, with emboldened heroic colors popping courageously off of black – and who can say they don’t need a smile :-)