New! Color Trends 2012 – Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories

Benjamin Moore Color Stories – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

Benjamin Moore has released its color pronouncements for 2012 in the form of color volumes that include 8 gorgeous palettes that comprise a total of 240 colors! What I love about these new shades is the versatility – these could easily be combined to create color schemes that are classic enough to transcend the limitations imposed by the specifics of style or seasonal color – or so one would hope, with 240 shades!

Looking at 240 colors can be allot like a wall of sweets – each has something tantalizing to offer, but viewed as a whole is a nerve-racking, and trying all would be the diabetic challenge. But breaking it down, reviewing some color tricks, a few rules that beg to be broken – and some stylish resources – makes it easy and to personalize and access trends.

A trend is little more than an invitation to define someone else’s concept as your own unique design. This does not make you unoriginal. The entire auto industry was born of one idea that involved 4 wheels, and ran on fossil fuel. Every design adaptation to this concept has been a unique innovation to address more specific needs and desires.

Here are Benjamin Moore’s 9 concepts. We will be breaking each of these 9 trendy palettes down individually, hopefully in as many days, to help you find your color muse and get the inspiration to capture that coveted look in time for the season of entertaining.

Here are the previews:

Neutrals are a challenge, and the majority of people have a love-hate relationship with these comfort-zone colors. More to come on this…

Naturally Neutral Color Palette by Benjamin Moore – image from

The other neutrals – the gray range are amongst my favorite backdrops for bright pops of color.

Benjamin Moore’s Shades of Gray Color Palette – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

Yellows are a surprisingly versatile group, defying the mental impression of people who tend to be color avoidant. Many yellows are real estate staging staples, used to create a neutral yet optimistic first impression.

Benjamin Moore’s Golden Fields

The red range of hues are simultaneously amongst the most admired and most feared color in practical application. I hope to share some ways to take minimize the fear and maximize style.

Benjamin Moore’s Fiery Sunet Palette – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

Blues inspire a tremendous range of disparate moods, and emotional responses dependent on hue and intensity. Of all the colors ranges, the most people seek answers on utilizing blues effectively in design. If you Google “decorating with blue” you had best have some time on your hands – there are 209,000,000 articles dedicated to designing with blues – nearly twice its second, which is green. Look for the abbreviated version here, later this week…

Benjamin Moore’s Fluid Blues – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

And speak of the devil, green is one of the best and easiest to go wrong colors out there (right after blues), yet of the language of color, it transcends spoken language to signify world-over the color representative of the planet we share. We’ll get green shortly.

Benjamin Moore’s Elemental Green – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

Shades of Terra can be rich and inviting or muddy, inviting little but a blank stare. But this palette done right won’t disappoint. I love the idea of including the red-violet range beside Mars red (an oil painting fine arts staple). I can’t wait to get started!

Bejamin Moore’s Earthen Hues Palette – image from Benjamin Moore’s website

And last but certainly not least, particularly this year. Purple should really have been the color of 2011, and I see it remaining strong going into 2012. This is more of a grass roots phenomenon than precipitous to trend, which makes me love purple in a way that I have not since I could first hold a crayon (when from my mother’s chagrined account would hold no other, consistently throwing away the other 63 shades in my crayola cache). I like to think I have evolved…we shall see in days to come!

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