New! Color Trends Summer 2013 – Sneak Peek!

Pantone ad for Color Products supporting the 2013 Forecast

Summer 2013? Yes, I am not making this up.

While the rest of us mere mortals waive good-bye to school buses or clean the pool out, and brace ourselves for Fall and the merciless onslaught of holiday preperation, there is no rest for trend-setters.

As color enthusiasts  revel in the hot pallets for Fall, Pantone color gurus are busy at work, as we speak putting the finishing touches the color trend forecast for Fall / Winter 2013/2014 Рand summer is fait accompli.

The tantalizing image left arrived this morning for the print industry’s color view planner for The 2013 Summer Color Forecast (made public in mid-February each Spring). The image left is a sip of the color nectar that we can looking forward to savoring next Spring – we in The North East grasp at smaller straws to get through the snow covered months barricading Spring!

If the image left is any indication, it’s love at first sight!

It looks like pinks, both whispered and shouted will play a prominent roles, with happy shades like citrine, bright orange and aquas fading to icy blue. Metallics are suggested in the image, in the form of transparent colors with what may be be Kartell acrylic chairs.

If you break the image down, the preview pallet looks allot like this:

As early as today, hints of color trends to come are suggested in business to business ads, like this one to from Accent Decor:

Floral Decor form Accent Decor – image via an Accent Decor advertisement to wholesalers.

For those of you who have deja vu taking in the styling of this floral decor, visits to Wegan’s or at your local florist may have acquainted you with Accent Decor’s fun floral accents. But their website is only accessible to the trade. I will share some of the floral arrangement from their inspirational gallery closer to the holidays for table tops ideas!

But digressing to present, Fall begins. As rain soaks the North East yet again¬† Halloween appears in force in stores. It’s time to bid a fond adeau to summer and get color inspiration for the present – Fall 2011 is here! More to come…