New! Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Color of The Year – Lemon Sorbet

Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Color of The Year – Lemon Sorbet

Benjamin Moore’s 2013 Color of The Year is Lemon Sorbet! On the heals of yesterday’s article about Pantone’s new pastels and my personal spin on optimizing pastels by adding a grey cast, this timely email landed in my inbox touting Benjamin Moore’s new color trends featured in the company of grey!

Benjamin Moore is calling their new softened palette “emerging pastels”, predicting emergence of these new tones in soft lines in both fashion and home in 2013.

Wallpaper Pillow, by Kevin O’brien with Lemon Sorbet highlights

I dug through the whole of their information and inspiration to create a summary that can work for you in practice rather than just in theory, but first – this would not be Re-Do it Design if I failed to dissect this new color trend….

Benjamin Moore Color of The year – Lemon Sorbet 2019-60

The reason for two color references, is that I always do two separate sources and take the average to compensate for screen variation. The most notable thing about the new yellow is what it lacks – this shade has no black or cyan so it’s very warm, and it’s RGB has much less blue – bit it’s red and green distributions are nearly equal parts, so less the blue, this color would be grey. This is why it works so nicely in the companionship of grey.

Benjamin Moore has created palettes around Lemon Chiffon to give their emerging pastels a face and a color voice.

I really love this group of colors and can see some great possibilities. They remind me of the fresh optimism of pre-sputnik jet-age 1940’s design, preceeding the event of sending a satellite into space, and color and design expressed the new and fresh look of a society inventing a vision of what the future might hold …

A 40’s living room – image via flickriver

that we are trying to recapture today….

Some images that remind me of Design Legacy’s vintage-inspired lines – image via Benjamin Moore’s Nuance Magazine

Benjamin Moore 2013 Master Bath Palette

Benjamin Moore’s take on 2013 shares a bit of Pantone’s vision of 2013, in its grounded reflections of mushroom tones and silvery whites and greys.

Antiguan Sky is the Yang to Lemon’s Sorbet’s Yin – they are similar enough in hue that they stand beautifully beside the color’s in the palette they chose for the gorgeous and tranquil bath below.

I love the smart mix of wainscoting with carrera marble here, to get the best of both beauty and budget!

Bathroom Design from Benjamin Moore Paints featuring Lemon Sorbet

They revised this palette slightly to create this kitchen design, where again, the ’40’s vibe can be felt in the vintage school-house style lighting fixtures that play beautifully with the contemporary stainless appliances.

Kitchen Design from Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Laundry Room Palette

Laundry Room Design by Banjamin Moore Paints







The vintage flair is completely evident in the palette they chose to create and up-dated laundry room, again, steadying the clout of “peachy keen” in a floor striped beside grey – a bold move that pays off in thanks to the selection of thundercloud grey.

With all our our color tools revealed and assembled, all that remkains is to explore some inspirational images and informational color tips that allow you to use trends as a cheat sheet for envisioning and personalizing your own look – with the assistance of expertly aligned colors guaranteed to perform!

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