New! 2012 Pantone Color of the Year – Tangerine Tango!


PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango: The is The New 2012 Color of the Year!

This is always my favorite Christmas Present! The Pantone Fashion colors are always first to release, with Fashion + Home following on the heels of the fashion trend colors in February, which is always my favorite birthday present :-)But the fashion trends and Home trends have always been kissing-cousins.

Pantone Tangerine Tango translated into Home Decor

Pantone calls Tangerine Tango “Sophisticated, dramatic and seductive”, marrying the “vivaciousness¬† adrenalin rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy”. This description is hard to argue!

Tangerine TangoTangerine TangoTangerine TangoTangerine Tango

The announcement adds, “This luscious reddish orange add sensuality to fashion, flair to accessories, verve to cosmetics, and lively luxury to interiors surfaces and appointments”.

Above is a vignette of¬† Tangerine Tango translating into interior style. The announcement offered a second teaser with out much comment, but if you read Re-Do it Design regularly you may recall it is as part of the “lens” color palette that was in the announcements last February. If you’ree new, click the link on “lens” and see.

A first Pantone 2012 Color Teaser – image from today’s Pantone ad

A Spring Coat in Tangerine Tango – image from Pantone’s 2012 Color of The year announcment

We have talked allot about some of the neutral paint palettes as of late, and the value of absolute neutrality of the grey range to design. It makes the perfect backdrop to the flaming tones of Tangerine and Marigold in this palette splendidly contrasted by crisp white. I love it – it brings to mind an image of a bed of spring tulips or Audrey Hepburn, wearing some timeless A-line Spring coat, like on of the fashion trend images featured in today’s announcement (left).

Listen to NPR’s Story on The Pantone Color of The Year!

I agree with Linda Worthheimer’s quip, and have a prediction of my own that like the purples of 2011, manufacturers and design lovers alike will rise up and invent some trends of their own. We will of course be going over ways to get the most from a colors like Tangerine Tango at home to really get the most from courageous color choices. But truth be told, if I had to make a bet red-orange may be close to the number 1 color feared overall in home decorating, blending the number one and number two colors (red and orange) that people who fear color, fear most – but don’t run from potential just yet! There are many safe ways to incorporate even vivid color!

A little red-orange never goes a miss, particularly at the holidays! A safe way to test this new palette at home is a vinyl pillow! No wine spills to fear – just click the images to try these colors on for size.

BlissLiving Home vinyl Tangerine Pillow

Mix vinyl with something traditional to create a look that is fun and unexpected!

Tangerine can plays well with color friends, as Tricia Guild knows best!

Stay tuned…