Nectarine – The Misunderstood Pantone

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Nectarine hovers like color vapor despite its assertive hue in that misty color range that is understood differently by every person who is asked to describe it – so what is Nectarine?

Perhaps this gives yo some insight into the confusion….and it’s not simply confusion about the mental imprint of similar fruits, that at least do us the courtesy of varying in texture so that we can distinguish them in the grocery store…

Left to right – Nectarine, Peach, Apricot, and Persimmons

But to add insult to injury, what on earth does the color of a sliced open peach have to do with that shade so pervasive in the ’80’s? Remember peach and seafoam? (shudder) Look what today’s popularized layout (a compositional style of photography coined by Martha Stewart) does for peach and seafoam – great design can cover almost any indiscretion….

peach palette via

So maybe the best way to commit Pantone Nectarine to memory and consider its applications in your design is to remember what it is not – Nectarine (not the fruit) is not peach (which has no similarity whatsoever to its fruity name-sake)

Pantone Nectarine looks a great deal like Orange with a bit of peach added – it is a much weightier color than the vapid shade of ’80’s peach that makes the hair stand up on the collective necks of all designers.

Top to Bottom Behr and Benjamin Moore fascimiles of Pantone Nectarine (right)

Here are some emboldened paint colors that I picked by eye, and come closest to Pantone Nectarine – and some Martha Stewart paint colors that provide direction in the form of colors that function support this unapologetic shade and shed some light on how to build a room around (or simply to include) Nectarine.

Martha Stewart Persimmon Red Top Left –

Because Nectarine has so little white, it provides an energetic androgynous color choice…


The applications for this unique shade range from sophisticated…..

dwell studio and Pantone Nectarine

To eye-catching accents….

dining desk – frenchbydesignblog

To alternatives for kids rooms or nurseries, when the baby’s gender is not known, rather than falling back on the predictable yellow or minty green main-stays.

You can (and should) take personal license as you see fit to vary the shade to taste, much as you might milk and cream with coffee.

Like espresso Nectarine can be a color that challenges the boundaries of comfort for many people, so some well-placed accents can create eye-catching color that defines rather than explodes your room design – like the dipped accent table below….

image via

or an area rug, like this gorgeous Pinwheel area rug from Layla Grace,

or this savvy and sophisticated antique are rug featuring several colors that appeared in the Spring color report (Click here to visit One Kings Lane)

A more traditional area rug sporting nectarine and some grounding black adds unexpected drama.

If your comforter zone is less than an area rug, throw pillows create a fabulous position of color safety that open your design to seasonal change, that’s as easy as tossing one group pf decorative pillows into a closet and pulling out a new group as seasons change….

(click here to check out the Dwell pillow at Layla Grace)

or wall art prints, that can communicate with your decorative pillows or simply speak for themselves.

Go to One Kings Lane to check out The Wall Art Prints

Even a pinch of nectarine goes the style mile…

Why not try a taste of succulent nectarine?