Moroccan Summer Color – Light it Up!

New Lighting Pendants with a Moroccan Flavor from

Moroccan was the flavor of 2010 but its color pallet and distinctive geometric shapes have been woven into color and home trends in both 2011 and 2012 to come – but the Moroccan interpretation is not quite so literal current trends.

Meredith Heron attic bedroom image via HGTV

I love Meredith Heron’s attic bedroom (above) for its infusion of Moroccan shapes and colors for the same reason I chose those pendants for our webstore – Meredith’s design is not themed.

No room should look like a theme park; a risk involved in any effort to infuse a room with a look that is based on the impression of a very specific non-local destination.

Moroccan pattern or color are easy to suggest, because the look is so distinctive that it’s recognizable even diluted to a suggestion, simply by limiting the area and size of the pattern or color pallet used.

With Distinctive regional styles, a little goes a long way. Image from Elle Decor

The heritage of the Moroccan design aesthetic is woven with color, pattern, and texture of its distinctive designs.  The  design Style owes its influence to the North African landscape and cultures. Sea, earth, fruits, spices, local flowers, sun and sky all contribute their aesthetic flavor to the richness of Moroccan Design.

With summer at hand, a Moroccan accent is a great look through to your outdoor space, and can be used as seasonal flavor for entertaining – easy to pack away when Fall comes around begging for a seasonal update!