Lamps, Lighting and Flights of Natural Fancy

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Expanding on yesterday’s mission to combine rustic organic and sophisticated elements, while compiling the articles about getting the look of Candice Olson Designs for less, I came across a lamp Candice had featured on a bedroom re-do made of drift wood, with a floating shade……moment of reverie…..

Lamp ‘Okwen’ Lamp – image via

It took me 5-minutes of dedicated searching to find my muse – I was completely undone by the sheer genius of this piece!

The perfect symmetry, the juxtaposition of nature and contemporary design woven in the fabric of an urban art installation had me at “hello”.

When it comes to accents, this is nearly what the doctor ordered – but digging a little further revealed the mother load of sophisticated and rustic organic style….

Bleu Nature, located near Lille, in the Northern part of France is the genius behind a whole line of creations for the connoisseur of stylized utilitarian natural design.Their artisans meld natural materials such as driftwood, pebbles, lacquered wood, lacquered metal, leather, skins and petrified wood into design treasures – like charred drift wood and Lucite

Wall lamp KOLEO burnt wood – image via

Each year, the Bleu Nature team combs beaches for pieces of driftwood with intriguing forms in all shapes and sizes – each able to hold its own as an individual yet play a part within the collective design symphony.

spinning driftwood into gold at bleu nature – images compiled from their website

They are then stored without further treatment asĀ  water has provided all the processing required with incidental precision….

Chandelier ‘Tundra’ image via

…and precision is the key ingredient in assembling lighting fixtures that appear to defy gravity…

Chandelier ANURI – image via

Lamp Ivik – image via

or give the illusion of combining earth and air…


There are accent furnishing that parallel the lighting lines, too.

ED LACQUER stools – image via bleunaturecom

However, savoire faire comes at a price…..and these lighting wonders, no matter how green or spectacular don’t conform to our green family room’s budget. So I began setting about finding ways to duplicate the look…and look what I found on Etsy!

The millipede – etsy store

At $500 this stool is a fabulous find, at a significant savings….

I also found this magnificent floating chair, sitting pretty at $1300.

Contemporary Organic Chair, Bare Bones – image via benforgeydotcom etsy shop

Both are fair deals, but not quite within the cost conservative budget that I am hoping to show you all how to emulate at home.

So I am sitting down with sketch pad for a future post – we are going DIY to get this look! But first, tune in tomorrow (late afternoon) to get the down low on the PANTONEVIEW home + interiors 2013 webinar forecast for Fall 2012!