Jewel Tones – Paint Colors for Fall

image via What to do with paper – Pinterest Board

Jewel Tones are one great tool for easing the transition to fall that comes as an emotional set back for many people. Summer is marked by weather that does not test the constitutions, lasting daylight that creates a sense of well-being and good humor, and most of all – an abundance of color! And it is with light and color that a graceful and even motivating transition is successfully affected in your home.

A great place to begin, is to move your lay-out to optimize seasonal natural light. Try to take advantage of reflective surfaces of all varieties that light can play off. Everyone looking for a home should carry this diagram in their pocket, describing the sun’s seasonal arc.

Sun’s summer and winter arcs – image via PV tracker

If you live in the North-East for example, winter is you longest season – it stands to reason that you want your active living zones (kitchen, living, dining and family areas) to reap the benefits of optimum exposure to sun-light. Catching rays is not just about good cheer and well-being, it’s about energy efficiency. Using less light lowers energy costs.

Why not sprinkle in or even ladle on some jewel tones? Carrying that burst of Fall color into winter is a great way to revive your home and set the tone for welcoming guests and family throughout the holiday season.

fall transitional palette

In case no one has ever explained to you precisely what “jewel tones” comprise (ask 50 people at your local mall what is meant by jewel tones and wait for a concise response) they are colors that have a little extra black, and may involve an enamel surface, metallic luster or transparent overlay.

a jewel inspired palette

Bold color is can be difficult to use or not even consideration for many people, but mixing jewel tones with neutrals never fails to unite a room design.

Thomas Paul

¬†While at NYIGF I chatted with designer Thomas Paul about his routine use of jewel color. Like any true artist he lights up while talking about color he loves, intoning that everything that he does with orange¬†never fails to be a design success. No surprise – orange offers nothing to fear; it photographs incredibly well, and is a fabulous choice for a vivid pop of color – and this year it stands in the lime-light of color of the year, in the fabulous form of Pantone’s Tangerine Tango.

Thomaspaul’s new melamine collection for Fall 2012

Uniting Fall jewel tones with the remnants of summer;s watery color and mixing it up with neutrals creates a comfortable transition resulting in a look that feels all-season and mixes with ease with holiday decor as well as it does with an out-door picnic in July. The addition of orange to this palette carries it through fall and into winter, avoiding that red and green bumper-sticker palette associated with Christmas.

water palette in jewel tones

Another source consistently sonorous with emboldened jewel color is Jonathon Adler. Adler’s frequently phallic and always vivid jeweled palettes are the stuff of decor legend….

Jonathon Adler cracked glazes

and shone at NYIGF with jewel color showcased in combination with crisp-white; another design fail-safe that consistently turns heads.

Adler for kids

When creating your jewel color-inspired design, don’t forget the metallic edge. This Fall gold is back and is in many cases mixed with organic forms, that function to warm any space and take on new meaning with the addition of holiday decor.

Mixing Gold, natural wood and jewel tones creates a fabulous melee of color, texture and organic form…

image via Anthropologie

and velvets seal it with a a kiss (keep it simple and sensational)!