Interior Design Trends 2012 – Green Design on a Budget – Part 2

An inspiration palette – back to the drawing board!

Yes, back at it – and sadly, this is not HGTV. There are no 100 member crews when you’re on a DIY projects. So what’s with the pretty fabric? Hold that thought….

Things have changed since we last checked in on this project! Remember the plan?

All of the choices for that foggy blue / lavender palette were predicated on some very pretty tile and a personalized mural intended for the fireplace….

The blue/gray/lavender combination.

When you’re working with  people with multiple wishlists, it’s very important to confidently pull in the reigns. After persuasive argument, I won my battle to eradicate that awkward pole support to the right of the offset fire-box enclosure.

Option 2 involves modern tile mimicking rustic barn board, a glass tiled mantle and a mural that wraps around of an ocean scene made personal by a family photo.

Keeping an eye to prioritizing the future addition of a gas insert fireplace (when budget permits) reveals some holes in the wishlist that I was provided. That innocent looking ugly pole support can be dressed up, (but why???). When you slide in that coveted gas fireplace insert, it would be a difficult revelation, indeed.

Beauty for function – never a good plan!

I was prepared to walk away from the project if this oversight was not addressed – but no need for drama. The image I created (above) got everyone on the same team again at without unnecessary assertion.

It’s so hard, when you have limited resources to trade those savvy finishes for solid, design decisions that take ROI into account but never trade form for style! Insist on all or nothing for your hard earned $$$

More like it!

Solving one problem never fails to create new challenges. The open aspect of this L-shaped corner box will need to be filled in.

In addition to considering creating a space that will accommodate that fireplace, the future installation process must be considered. Tiling the facade before a time immediately pursuant to installation (when the new boxed is onsite) is a bad idea. If you are saving to do something like this later, a million variables between today and someday can delay your project.

If you predicate your opening finish on a particular model of fireplace and it’s discontinued before you’re able to purchase it, you are suddenly in still waters without oars.

a modern gas insert fireplace – design by Candice Olson, image via Seattle Times website

If you get lucky, and you get you’re dream fireplace, what if there is a variation of 1/4 of an inch between the beautifully tiled surround of the firebox opening and the insert? It would cost a great deal of money to tear everything back, and patching is even more skilled labor than installation. Worse yet, what if the manufacturer has discontinued the tile? These nightmares can and do happen.

This met with sad faces – but, hear ye, I have not reached the good news yet!

Cutting out the tile and mural will shift money to the rest of the makeover. That being said, the color scheme needed some re-thinking. Yes, you could stay with the current scheme, but like the gas insert, tile styles discontinue faster than teen romances begin and end – Never marry an idea and hope that you will grow to love it someday…it’s no better a working model for renovation than it is for marriage!

Speaking of marriage let’s get back to things old, new, borrowed and blue.

Our new inspiration leads us back to the fabric sample (top page) from Etsy’s NewMomDesigns store. If we can’t finesse with surfaces, let’s wow this space with color instead!

a new inspiration palette

Fortunately, the room has some other attributes to expand on, until it makes more sense to reinvent the focal fireplace.

Tune in tomorrow to find out more and get a peek at progress!

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