Ingo Maurer – Johnny B. Butterfly

This is my 100th post, and I thought I would dedicate it to my Dad and Ingo Maurer.

Johnny B Butterfly pendant by Ingo Maurer


Design preferences can be really sentimental; these connections make a house or apartment home.

Maurer is to lighting what Da Vinci was to paint. My dad is an artist who both taught and sculpted in his own time. All my life my dad was fascinated by birds. He studied peregrine falcons at a sanctuary in upstate New York and made a 3-D carving of a Peregrine Falcon that won awards. If I close my eyes I can instantly recall the smell of fresh sawn wood from his shop and the satiny texture of unfinished maple.

But Maurer’s latest creation leaves me breathless and almost dewy – eyed.  But the Johnny B. Butterfly pendant reminds me of the hand-made paper treasures my dad used to make. Insects of all types; delicate 3-D paper foldings illustrated with colored pencil and watercolor, some with antenna added – he even engineered the paper grasshoppers and frogs to jump! I wish I had pics to share. My incessant encouragement to market these treasures fell on deaf ears; he just smiled at me like I had missed the point, and said they were just for fun. These days Dad has carpel tunnel and is no longer able to sculpt or create paper treasures. But one day, I will design a space around an Ingo Maurer Johnny B. Butterfly pendant and will not bother sharing it. It will just be for fun ;-)

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