In the Pink – Color Trends

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Pale Pinks have enjoyed a lime light in the year past and year to come, and pales in general figure prominently already in trends to watch for 2013 / 2014, mixed with patina finishes, distressed surfaces presented with undisturbed simplicity.

Pantone Linen and Smoke Rose

Pantone past and future pales are colors that whisper color subtitles, and are capable of creating an airy feel yet present obstacles for designers and enthusiasts alike.

Pale pink and minimal furnishings are the unfortunate monikers of institutional design. Pale pink has long been utilized in both prisons and mental hospitals due to its psychologically calming effect. And if that is not enough of a stigmata to commit to reinvent, there is the masculinity barrier…

If color were transformed into a position it would become the most effective lobbyist in Washington  – color is at once persuasive, and politically charged. Designers frequently dabble in relationship counseling which is a frequently inflammatory topic between couples. But switching or accompanying pale rose for linen offers solutions to assuage your room design.

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Both of these pale tones offer the foundation for light and airy winter design interpretations that stave off the drabness of weaker winter natural light, but linen is a pale shade that is at once practically androgynous and open to organic interpretation. Linen is of coffee lightened with milk, or slightly pink cardboard – neither of which would in its own right favor either a feminine or masculine position.

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Both tones are chalky. Mixing pink with elements that are sophisticated and distinctly void of a feminine alter-ego is a great way to create harmony in a shared space. Harmony is achieved through the addition of elements that would, viewed separately all be described as “sophisticated” – lighting pendants, abstract art, and warm undecorated wood furnishings rank high on that list.

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Placed in a room intentionally reminiscent of a gray-scale black and white photo, linen is a shade that takes on a very organic and warm character.

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The image below from Houzz takes pale chalky shades to new levels of sophistication. I don’t think there is a definitive answer to the question “how many shades of white are there?” But the image below does a fabulous job of expressing a great range of chalky whites that would likely includes shades very simailar to both linen and smokey Rose.

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Bringing these pale whispers of color into your home is a challenge worthstepping up to, and here are some pale finds that may fit the bill…

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This throw has both some pink and linen tones, and would look surprisingly good dressing up a modern chair.

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Pale pink branch hooks are simple and not over-the-top feminine; suitable and well-appointed for any foyer or mud room.

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Val Saint-Lambert glasses have been handmade in Belgium since 1826 and are still made today. These “goblets”, as they refer to them, were made in 1962 and were found in abandoned school in Brussels this year – a beautiful find and a great story for entertaining to boot!

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I love the glam factor of and the multiplicity for entertaining of these fantastic champaign glasses. Pink is a fabulous contributor to a great table story, and thus is usually overlooked in gender-related disagreements….

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…and while you’re thinking about these barely whispered tones, eat some color (click eat color) and finish your table story with food that fits the color menu for these pale chalky and deliciously airy Pantone shades – bona petit!